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8 Reasons Customers Choose Sage for Construction

  • 6 min read
Home builders, general contractor, specialty contractor, residential contractor, developer, real estate and energy companies choses Sage for its robust job costing and advanced features unique to the industry.

1 Speak the language of construction

Being built specifically for construction, Sage focus on understanding the workflows and processes of construction customers. Whether you need to create reports on demand so your teams in the field and in the office have real-time visibility of project status, track retainage in your billing program, or automate a variety of payroll types across different unions or localities, Sage for Construction has the product and features that you need. When you works with Sage, you can be sure that you have cutting edge software from a team who understands your needs.

2 Customizable to your needs

Sage for Construction includes customizable reporting features and dashboards so you can see the metrics relevant to your role in realtime. For example, a CFO can see an overview with all their company’s financial data, and a project manager can have a filtered view of just those projects they manage. Each employee can find just the information they need to report and to make key decisions for their role, quickly and efficiently. The dashboard makes it easy to navigate to the tasks or search through records that you use most frequently, rather than having to click through menu options every time you perform a task. And with dimensions in Sage’s reporting features, you can customize any of your transactions to meet the reporting requirements you desire.

3 Proven track record of helping construction companies grow profitably

More than 50,000 construction and real estate companies of all sizes trust Sage to grow. Here are some of the benefits different customers have seen:

  • Reduced the amount of time spent reconciling bank accounts by 90%
  • Spent 5 fewer days on their monthly close and on payroll
  • Reduced the time they spent on tax reporting by 90% and payroll by 75%
  • Gained speed and accuracy on their estimates, generating estimates in 92% less time

“It’s really nice for us to be able to log in and instantly search for whatever you need. Now we have 40 bank accounts, all of which are linked, in real-time. All the transactions come over daily. What’s really nice about it is, we actually can have real-time, daily, cash understanding.”

Thomas Cochran, CFO, Orion Companies

“I went from 9 hours of working non-stop on payroll to 2 hours processing payroll. I will never forget that moment in my life. It was tremendous!”

Diane Mills, Secretary/Treasurer. Century Mechanical Contractors Case Study

“Sage is our platform for growth, It’s providing us with vastly improved accuracy, control, workflows, and collaboration.”

Chris Herak, Director of Finance. VFS Fire and Security Services Case Study

“Sage Intacct Construction streamlines processes so with the time you gain back, you can actually look at the data, understand it, and make fact-based decisions, which is the most important aspect.”

Angelia Ryan, CFO. Airo Mechanical Case Study

4 Fifty years as a leader in construction technology

Going back to the days of Timberline, Sage has more than 50 years of construction experience and is the #1 provider of accounting and estimating solutions in the industry. More than 50,000 construction and real estate customers trust Sage, including 48% of the ENR Top 400 Contractors and 53% of the BD+C Giants Top 115 Contractor firms.

5 Constant Innovation

Over decades in the industry, Sage understand the issues that construction companies face today, and how to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Sage has been at the cutting edge, adding new products and features to meet these demands. Products such as Master Builder, MyAssistant, Service Operations, Paperless Construction, Estimating, and Payroll have helped customers save hundreds of hours of time, avoid error-prone and repetitive work in multiple systems, improve communication with teams in the field, and access important data at their fingertips to make more informed decisions. Year after year, Sage is recognized as a leader in construction technology.

Sage Construction and Real Estate solutions integrate with other best-in-class industry solutions such as TimberScan, GCPay, Procore, Hyphen, WorkforGO and many more!

6 Built for the cloud

Sage has over 20 years of cloud experience as an early innovator in cloud financials. Sage Intacct for Construction was born in the cloud and continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital connections and open APIs provide flexibility for construction companies that rely on a wide range of systems to run their business. Our multi-tenant true cloud foundation means you’ll never have to worry about being on the latest version of our software or deal with complicated and expensive upgrades. It also provides the key framework required to allow artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the speed, accuracy, and insights that will take finance team capabilities to the next level. While other vendors talk about the future of AI on their roadmap, Sage Intacct for Construction is already delivering.

7 Integrations with other industry solutions

As an innovator in the cloud space, Sage believe you should have the power of choice – the power to choose the right mix of solutions to address your unique business needs. Sage Intacct for Construction was built on a true cloud model so you can integrate your financial data with the other systems you need. Our open API enables connections to existing or future systems like Procore, Autodesk Navisworks, and others. This allows you to instantly access key data from the field, job tracking modules, payroll, budgeting, customer relationship management solutions, and more. With Sage you can integrate this data with your project financials and track the metrics critical to your organization’s financial and operational success.

8 Sage is the only software recognized by the AICPA

Sage is the first and only Preferred Provider of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Not only does the AICPA set the professional and technical standards for the CPA profession, it is also the largest CPA member association in the world, with over 431,000 members worldwide.