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Sage Intacct Release Highlights 2021 R2

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Sage Intacct Release Highlights 2021 R2

Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

Save time and effort by setting up rules and rule sets to automatically match transactions, reduce the need for manual matching, and eliminate awkward many-to-one matches.

Streamlined Close Process

Enhancements to Checklists now include import and export, finer control over who can update checklists and assignments, and the ability to create dependencies between assignments as needed.

Improved General Ledger Approvals

  • GL Outlier Detection is now extended to all allocation transaction lines. Any lines outside the historical norm from a coding or amount perspective can be flagged as outliers.
  • View the name of the pending approver when a journal entry is submitted for approval.
  • If a submission has an attachment, such as supporting documentation, you can view and access it directly on the Approvals list.

Enhanced Multi-Tax Solutions

Sage Intacct now support multi-tax solutions for multinational customers. You can configure each Intacct entity to use different tax setups. Intacct provides prebuilt tax setups for specific regions to determine and capture taxes for transactions. You can also setup custom tax solutions for regions that don’t have prebuilt tax setups.

Contracts Flexibility

  • Just as you already specify the Ship-to contact at the contract line level, you can now specify the Bill-to contact.
  • Save time and effort by easily importing billing price lists entries via a CSV file.
  • Clear the last allocation for Multiple Element Arrangements (MEA) allocations that include contract lines that use quantity-based revenue recognition. Clearing the allocation resets the applicable revenue schedules to the amounts that existed prior to that specific MEA allocation.

Enhanced Inventory, Order Entry, Purchasing

  • Save time and validate the GL posting for a transaction from within the transaction using the new Postings tab.
  • Intacct added over 40 standard fields to the item record to enhance comprehensive item tracking, as well as visibility into item bin location information directly from the item detail screen.
  • Intacct made a few changes to make managing negative inventory more flexible for your business processes.
  • For early adopter, now you can match the vendor invoice, purchase order, and receipt to validate a transaction. If all matches, the bill is created for payment.

Streamlined Project Invoicing

  • In Cash Management, you can more efficiently and accurately invoice customers for projects. You designate corporate credit card transactions as billable, associate them with a project or customer, and have those transactions flow automatically from Cash Management to Projects ready for invoicing.
  • Assign new project permissions to project managers so they can now edit or delete their own draft project invoices.

Construction Change Management Enhancements (Early Adopter)

  • You can create a change request to capture a requested change and see its impact on the project estimate. Change requests help you to identify how changes impact your project profitability and to communicate those changes to your customers
  • You can also manage change orders on order-entry documents. From the original order entry document, you have visibility into summary information such as the original amount, total of draft change orders, total of posted change orders, and current revised amount and more.

Improved Budget vs Actuals Insight

  • New options to the Dimension Balances standard report enable a trial balance-style view, a budget summary view, or a comparison of budget and actual view without having to build a financial statement.
  • Include alternate books as a default in reporting to track alternate accounting treatments or to preserve before-and-after views for large-transactions like allocations. These alternate books could include GAAP, Tax, and user-defined books.

Expanded Custom Reporting Flexibility

You can create a new report joining two or more existing reporting areas, such as joining transaction amounts for both bills and invoices, per location, into a new report.

Training Updates

Choose how you want to learn. You can get free access to our On-Demand Fundamentals course in our Learning Center. Your on-demand course provides the same knowledge as the live course, and comes with all the bells and whistles, including Instructor Q&A support. And, now you can access the training you need in just two clicks from within Intacct.

In addition, you can review all changes or take a deeper dive to view release notes by category.