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Automating Your Accounts Payable Process

Life before accounts payable automation

If you are an AP clerk that is processing 100 or even 1000 invoices every month, you know how long it takes to manually enter the information. Then, you organize the documents into folders and send them to project managers and/or executives for edits and approvals. Finally, when this entire process is complete, you must cut 100 or even 1000 checks for payment.

Reduce processing cost up to 70%

Goldman Sachs estimates that AP automation can drive 70-80% time savings for small and medium-size businesses. Companies that implement automated AP processes remove the burden of manually receiving and capturing invoice data while simultaneously providing you complete visibility to all the important information you’ll need for reconciliation, approvals, and payments.

Let us introduce you to a much more pleasant way of managing the AP-to-pay process. You can now experience an efficient, simple, and secure, purchase-to-pay automation process designed for Sage Construction Software.

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