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GeoTechnologies Achieves 5-Month Software Payback with Sage Intacct

GeoTechnologies | Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Construction

  • European Paving Designs Inc.

    European Paving Designs Inc.

    European Paving Designs Inc. has grown revenues by over 400% in five years without increasing finance team overhead.

  • Benchmark


    Global hospitality firm nets $800,000 worth of time savings, easily manages financials across 50 properties.

  • Tetherow


    By automating several key processes, Tetherow’s finance team saves 60 hours each month.

  • Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

    Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

    HTEDC’s real estate asset values grew by over $5 million.

  • Raleigh Enterprises

    Raleigh Enterprises

    Iconic film studio and real estate business increased efficiency by 25%.

  • Woodfin Heating

    Woodfin Heating

    HVAC provider speeds up audit prep and improves gross margins.

  • GeoTechnologies Inc

    GeoTechnologies Inc

    Engineering firm saves 15 hours per month in project-based revenue reporting.

Sage 100 Contractor

  • Talisen Construction Corporation

    Talisen Construction Corporation

    “Sage 100 Contractor allows us to streamline our workflow, so we can get ahead of deliverables and delight our clients.”

  • VFS Fire & Security Services

    VFS Fire & Security Services

    “When compared to the prior year, our gross margins for both contract and service have improved several percentage points across the board.”

  • UrbanCore Construction

    UrbanCore Construction

    “Our teams can be more efficient and productive in their work and that leads to more profitable projects.”

  • Hayles and Howe

    Hayles and Howe

    “I love how easily we can generate a certified payroll report, right from the software.”

  • Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

    Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

    “The Service Management module keeps us well organized”

  • Greenstreak Landscaping

    Greenstreak Landscaping

    “The time to process each credit card transaction has dropped from ten minutes to 30 seconds.”

  • The Minardos Group

    The Minardos Group

    “The analysis capabilities, plus the ability to track open issues makes Sage 100 Contractor worth every penny.”

  • Fatboy Construction

    Fatboy Construction

    “I know precisely how each job is doing compared to my estimate. I know how much we have billed and how much remains to be billed.”

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

  • DDP Roofing Services

    DDP Roofing Services

    Pennsylvania commercial roofer integrates all its accounting data and processes through Sage 300 CRE.

  • Century Mechanical Contractors

    Century Mechanical Contractors

    Texas HVAC, plumbing, and geothermal contractor uses Sage 300 CRE to build efficiency and profitability.

  • Tricorp Group

    Tricorp Group

    Tricorp Group builds a higher level of success with Sage 300 CRE, Office Connector, and Procore.

  • Airstron


    HVAC contractor streamlined service operation improves communication, cash flow, and inventory control.

  • Peinado Construction

    Peinado Construction

    Design-build general contractor manages to grow while keeping the headcount low.

  • Interstate Restoration

    Interstate Restoration

    “The information we receive from Sage 300 CRE is accessible, timely, and accurate.”

  • Modern Niagara Group

    Modern Niagara Group

    Mechanical contractor eliminated paper work order, speed up invoicing and boost customer service.

  • Dean Crowder Construction

    Dean Crowder Construction

    “We are a smaller, leaner organization than we were a few years ago, yet we are more profitable.”

  • Amelie Construction & Supply

    Amelie Construction & Supply

    “I estimate that we are saving $10,000 a year by using Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Payroll and Aatrix Software.”

TimberScan and AvidPay

  • Douglaston Development

    Douglaston Development

    “Since adopting TimberScan and AvidPay, our AP departments cut their payment processing cost by almost 70%. This huge time and cost saver was exactly what we needed – we wish would’ve done it a long time ago.”

  • Sorrells & Co

    Sorrells & Co

    “We can now keep track of invoices and move them through much quicker, even leaving town and handling approvals from our laptops. No matter where I am, I have access to our data and can easily look to see what we’ve paid, when, and why.”

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