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“It’s really nice for us to be able to log in and instantly search for whatever you need. Now we have 40 bank accounts, all of which are linked, in real-time. All the transactions come over daily. What’s really nice about it is, we actually can have real-time, daily, cash understanding.”

Thomas Cochran
CFO, Orion Companies

Sage Intacct

  • Quicksilver Express Courier

    Quicksilver Express Courier

    [General Business] Delivery firm boosts profitability with breakthrough insights and efficiencies, also gained new ability to scale and expand locations.

  • AutoClaims Direct

    AutoClaims Direct

    [Insurance] Flexible invoicing workflows let AutoClaims Direct, Inc. prepare and schedule bulk invoices that meet each customer’s specific requirements.

  • Alder Partners

    Alder Partners

    [Franchise] Our last three gyms ramped up and were profitable within three to six months, and the bank will loan us the money we need to get more locations open faster.

  • Laird Management

    Laird Management

    [Franchise] Time savings Laird Management gained with Sage Intacct elevated the finance and accounting function to reinvest for business value.

  • European Paving Designs

    European Paving Designs

    [Professional Services] European Paving Designs Inc. has grown revenues by over 400% in five years without increasing finance team overhead.

  • Benchmark


    [Hospitality] Global hospitality firm nets $800,000 worth of time savings, easily manages financials across 50 properties.

  • Tetherow


    [Hospitality] By automating several key processes, Tetherow’s finance team saves 60 hours each month.

  • Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

    Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

    [Nonprofit] HTEDC accelerated ROI on major development projects and grew their real estate asset values by over $5 million.

  • Raleigh Enterprises

    Raleigh Enterprises

    [Hospitality] Iconic film studio and real estate business increased efficiency by 25%.

  • Halstatt


    [Financial Services] Family office investment firm streamlines finance processes and saves $100,000 a year.

Sage Intacct Construction

  • Airo Mechanical

    Airo Mechanical

    Improvement in the accuracy of estimations leads to higher success rate of construction projects.

  • Aegis Project Controls

    Aegis Project Controls

    Construction consulting firm boosts budget reporting frequency 3x and gains incisive business insights.

  • Woodfin Heating

    Woodfin Heating

    HVAC provider speeds up audit prep and improves gross margins.

  • GeoTechnologies Inc

    GeoTechnologies Inc

    Engineering firm saves 15 hours per month in project-based revenue reporting.

Sage 100 Contractor

  • Talisen Construction Corporation

    Talisen Construction Corporation

    “Sage 100 Contractor allows us to streamline our workflow, so we can get ahead of deliverables and delight our clients.”

  • VFS Fire & Security Services

    VFS Fire & Security Services

    “When compared to the prior year, our gross margins for both contract and service have improved several percentage points across the board.”

  • UrbanCore Construction

    UrbanCore Construction

    “Our teams can be more efficient and productive in their work and that leads to more profitable projects.”

  • Hayles and Howe

    Hayles and Howe

    “I love how easily we can generate a certified payroll report, right from the software.”

  • Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

    Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

    “The Service Management module keeps us well organized”

  • Greenstreak Landscaping

    Greenstreak Landscaping

    “The time to process each credit card transaction has dropped from ten minutes to 30 seconds.”

  • The Minardos Group

    The Minardos Group

    “The analysis capabilities, plus the ability to track open issues makes Sage 100 Contractor worth every penny.”

  • Fatboy Construction

    Fatboy Construction

    “I know precisely how each job is doing compared to my estimate. I know how much we have billed and how much remains to be billed.”

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

  • Berkowsky and Associates

    Berkowsky and Associates

    Construction and design firm saves 20 hours each week enabling the team to spend more time on bidding, winning, and delivering profitable projects.

  • DDP Roofing Services

    DDP Roofing Services

    Pennsylvania commercial roofer integrates all its accounting data and processes through Sage 300 CRE.

  • Century Mechanical Contractors

    Century Mechanical Contractors

    Texas HVAC, plumbing, and geothermal contractor uses Sage 300 CRE to build efficiency and profitability.

  • Tricorp Group

    Tricorp Group

    Tricorp Group builds a higher level of success with Sage 300 CRE, Office Connector, and Procore.

  • Airstron


    HVAC contractor streamlined service operation improves communication, cash flow, and inventory control.

  • Peinado Construction

    Peinado Construction

    Design-build general contractor manages to grow while keeping the headcount low.

  • Interstate Restoration

    Interstate Restoration

    “The information we receive from Sage 300 CRE is accessible, timely, and accurate.”

  • Modern Niagara Group

    Modern Niagara Group

    Mechanical contractor eliminated paper work order, speed up invoicing and boost customer service.

  • Dean Crowder Construction

    Dean Crowder Construction

    “We are a smaller, leaner organization than we were a few years ago, yet we are more profitable.”

  • Amelie Construction & Supply

    Amelie Construction & Supply

    “I estimate that we are saving $10,000 a year by using Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Payroll and Aatrix Software.”

TimberScan and AvidPay

  • FL Star Group

    FL Star Group

    “The workflows are amazing. Now, it’s easy to add new users and switch people in and out of the process. Everyone can see what they need to do to keep the invoices moving.”

  • Doron Contracting 

    Doron Contracting 

    Managing the status of each invoice was challenging for Doron Contracting, requiring multiple phone calls to track every step of the payment process. AvidXchange’s supplier portal helps Doron Contracting save time and more easily reconcile invoices.

  • Douglaston Development

    Douglaston Development

    “Since adopting TimberScan and AvidPay, our AP departments cut their payment processing cost by almost 70%. This huge time and cost saver was exactly what we needed – we wish would’ve done it a long time ago.”

  • Sorrells & Co

    Sorrells & Co

    “We can now keep track of invoices and move them through much quicker, even leaving town and handling approvals from our laptops. No matter where I am, I have access to our data and can easily look to see what we’ve paid, when, and why.”

Arcoro HR

  • Civil Constructors

    Civil Constructors

    Civil Constructors embraces new hiring and onboarding process for low-tech and bilingual hires.

  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corporation

    Bison Gear & Engineering Corporation

    Major equipment manufacturer automated HR processes for compliance and better coaching to fill a skills gap.

  • Canyon State Electric

    Canyon State Electric

    Commercial electric contractor streamlined hiring and retention as well as managing benefits and time tracking with Arcoro.

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