• Construction Management Lessons From a Helicopter Pilot

    BY TROY GUEVARA About 12 years ago I noticed a tow truck dropping off my neighbor’s car in his driveway. I went and asked my friend if he needed help and he laughed and said, no I need a new engine. To his dismay, his daughter had driven the car beyond the point of overheating and subsequently ruined the engine. My friend knew this car was getting old, but his feeling was if you keep an eye on the gauges, you can prevent catastrophe. As his daughter approached he asked her “didn’t you [...]

    Don’t just bridge the gap, CLOSE IT!!

    Designed by Freepik Are you managing construction technology or is it managing you? BY TROY GUEVARA Construction technology has seen substantial growth over the last 30 years. In my early years, it was common to have 1 phone on site (in the job trailer) and then the important people on site had pagers hooked to their belt. The means of communication were very limited and the gap between the office and the field was quite large. Information was usually exchanged via the person [...]

    Trade show research: 5 ways to help you choose the right Construction Software

    BY TROY GUEVARA With the construction trade show season in full bloom, many contractors are heading to the warmer climates to enhance their skills through classroom education and to research new products to improve their business. One of the great things about construction trade shows is that they bring most of the major players to one location. If you are currently looking to enhance, upgrade or even implement construction software, here are five simple suggestions to help prevent [...]

    What You Need to Know About Compensation In Construction

    BY DEB CARPENTER-BECK If there’s one thing on most contractor’s minds these days, it’s employee compensation. A limited pool of workers is causing many construction companies to rethink pay structures and benefits to keep and retain the workers they need. Is your construction company’s compensation package up to par for today’s limited labor conditions? To help answer that question, I turned to Jeff Robinson a regular contributor to Sage [...]

    6 Ways to Engage and Retain Your Construction Employees

    BY DEB CARPENTER-BECK Workers in the construction industry are on the move.  According to the numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 177,000 construction industry workers quit their current jobs in April 2017. That’s more than twice the number (roughly 68,000) of construction employees who gave separation notices in April of 2009—two months prior to the official end of the Great Recession. Employee retention issues [...]

    How Construction Software Will Help to Combat Rising Construction Wages

    BY TROY GUEVARA Today’s construction labor shortage is tight, this is not “fake news”.  The demand for labor is allowing employees to look for better, higher paying positions, or just demand pay increases. As an industry, our goal should be to do whatever we can to keep these people in the construction industry. We are already seeing the demand for labor lead to wage increases. Currently, private sector wage growth is 2.9%. When compared to construction, we find that [...]