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  • Talisen Construction Builds New York’s Tomorrow With Sage 100 Contractor

    Handles All Critical Tasks “Joe Rigazio, the company’s founder and CEO selected Sage 100 Contractor back in 2009,” says Andrew Knox, director of communications for Talisen. “We use it to manage the lifecycle of all of our projects. It continues to perform for us.” Sage 100 Contractor handles critical tasks for Talisen, including job costing, managing projects, change order tracking, financial management, and payroll with ease. “We find Sage 100 Contractor is easy and [...]

    VFS Fire & Security Services: Transformational Change With Sage 100 Contractor

    Sounding The Alarm When Chris Herak joined VFS Fire and Security Services as Director of Finance in late 2019, the company had purchased Sage 100 Contractor, but hadn’t yet implemented the solution. “Everyone was focused on growing the company, so VFS needed a champion of the software to get the project up and running,” he says. “The old system was not very functional and was no longer supported by the publisher. I couldn’t get the financial information I needed, and every [...]

    Plaster Contractor Hayles and Howe Casts A Profitable Future With Sage 100 Contractor

    Designed For The Industry When Joselin Martin joined the company as its chief financial officer, Hayles and Howe was using an off-the-shelf small business accounting package. With her combined financial and construction background, Martin knew that moving to a construction- specific financial and operational management solution was essential if the company wanted to continue to grow and prosper. “We implemented Sage 100 Contractor many years ago,” she recalls. “It is a solution [...]

    HVAC Contractor Stays In The Zone With Sage 100 Contractor

    Challenge Smith Heating and Air Conditioning needs to complete as many service calls and estimates as it can in a day in order to maintain its high level of service and maximize revenue generation. Solution Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Estimating is an integrated solution for accounting, estimating, job costing, and service, providing for increased efficiency and elimination of duplicate data entry. Results Efficiencies delivered by the solution enable the company to [...]

    Sage 100 Contractor Helps Greenstreak Landscaping Thrive

    Challenge Greenstreak Landscaping has successfully used Sage 100 Contractor for many years to handle virtually every aspect of its landscape contracting business. Credit card processing for the company, though, had always been a manual, time-intensive process involving much duplicate data entry. Solution Introduced integration between Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Payment Solutions provides Greenstreak Landscaping with a powerful, time and cost-saving solution. Results [...]

    The Minardos Group Grows Profitably With Sage 100 Contractor

    Challenge Inaccurate and overloaded QuickBooks accounting system resulted in overpaid vendors and up to a six-month delay on accounts receivable. Automated reporting was nonexistent. Solution Sage 100 Contractor keeps accounting books in order and on time. Minardos can now choose from hundreds of construction-specific reports, graphs, and charts to better manage their operations. Results The Minardos Group is fiscally responsible, highly organized, and has improved [...]

    Fatboy Construction Runs Lean On Sage 100 Contractor

    Challenge Fatboy Construction had been using QuickBooks for its accounting, but an audit revealed deficiencies that needed immediate attention. In addition, using a separate, nonintegrated estimating software package complicated invoicing and increased the opportunity for errors. Solution Careful research led the company to select Sage 100 Contractor with its integrated Estimating solution. Fatboy Construction’s Sage business partner worked closely with the company to ensure a [...]