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    Takeoff software for construction estimating that proven to increase productivity by as much as 15 times.

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  • ☑ Higher bid output
    ☑ Improved win rates
    ☑ Decreased margins of error
    ☑ Affordable
    ☑ Easy to use

  • The task of takeoff is the most time consuming and error-prone part of construction cost estimating. The Takeoff Dimension software quickens the pace of accurate takeoffs with:
    ✓ Sophisticated assemblies
    ✓ Patented symbol search for auto counting
    ✓ Innovative work breakdown capabilities
    ✓ Cutting edge database technology

    eTakeoff Dimension is so geared to simplify how estimators work, even Dodge Data & Analytics selected our Basic version for use in its plan rooms.

  • eTakeoff Bridge helps you build a solid base by efficiently transferring precise takeoff information from Dimension and into the most popular estimating software used by contractors—Sage Estimating.

    Bridge also integrated with “Best in Class” 3-D BIM tools:
    ✓ Autodesk’s Navisworks
    ✓ Assemble Systems

    You can transfer any combination of 3-D model takeoff and 2-D electronic takeoff through Bridge into a single Sage Estimate, transferring all takeoff data completely automatically or making manual adjustments as necessary.

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  • New Features in eTakeoff

    Work Zones & Project Backup
    March 18, 2020 | 15 minutes
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  • Trace Creation Tool

    October 16, 2019 | 33 minutes
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  • eTakeoff Bridge

    April 10, 2019 | 30 minutes
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  • Dimension, Bridge and Estimating

    April 9, 2019 | 56 minutes
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  • eTakeoff Customer Testimonials by Trade

  • Mechanical

    “eTakeoff is my first choice to use as an on-screen takeoff tool. The other products I’ve tried are cumbersome to use and don’t have nearly the number of powerful features and flexibility eTakeoff offers. All of that PLUS excellent customer service!”

    Paul Hammell, Elite Mechanical

  • Flooring

    "I am the estimator for Excellence in Stone, Inc. Our company fabricates and installs Tile, Stone, Terracotta, and Solid Surfaces in South Florida. We specialize in high end residential and commercial projects up to $ 7 million dollars. With this much money at stake, we needed an estimating software that would allow me to service our diverse and very demanding customers. Before purchasing eTakeoff 4 years ago, I researched most of the estimating software suppliers and decided on eTakeoff because of their accuracy, support system, and flexibility in customizing the program to our unique use."

    Silvia Rojas, Excellence in Stone Inc

  • Masonry

    “I believe in investing in technology that allows our people to be better and more efficient at their jobs. We were manually keying our takeoff quantities into Sage Estimating. There was always the opportunity for error, and it added a lot of time to the estimating process. When I heard about eTakeoff Dimension and eTakeoff Bridge, I was immediately intrigued.”

    Michael Seay, Seacon Construction

  • General Contractor

    We are a general contractor that performs between $20 to $30 million in primarily public sector work in the Chicago Metropolitan area annually. We are signatory to the carpenters and laborers union, and we rarely self-perform any work, except when the terms of the contract require some percentage of work to be self-performed.

    Tom Bannon, The Lombard Company

  • Roofing

    "I started using the software in August of 2012 and have since noticed a dramatic increase in both my productivity and my profitability / conversion rate. In only four months we doubled our previous bid-output and decreased our margins of error below 2%. We didn’t add a new estimator. We didn’t start working sixteen-hour days. We started using eTakeoff’s roofing takeoff software and embraced an era of change."

    Brent Goren, Barrett Roofing

  • Painting

    “eTakeoff has great support. I sent them an email asking them how to download plans from McGraw-Hill Construction into the new eTakeoff Viewer. They quickly sent me back a response with instructions. eTakeoff, you guys are my heroes. One button and, “Bam” there they were. Great job and thanks for the immediate response. ‘All Hail eTakeoff Support’.”

    Ken Pitts, Wilson & Hamilton Painting and Finishing Contractors

  • Landscaping

    “I don’t care how good you are with paper takeoffs, this is much better. Our accuracy has increased; I am not going back to paper.”

    Carl Montegna, Mitch’s Green Thumb Landscaping

  • Carpentry

    “Our company purchased eTakeoff’s rough carpentry estimating & takeoff software because of its ease of use and the power with which it deals with electronic plans. In addition, the add-in that is available for lumber estimating was exactly what we were looking for – a tool by a framer for a framer. This is like a new toy for me! I am having a lot of fun doing what has been drudgery at times in the past! I understand they also have a concrete & rebar estimating add-in for those of you needing that.”

    Mark des Groseilliers - LeBlanc Building Co

  • Electrical

    “I’m quite impressed with how well your Pattern Search works – it’s been great at finding symbols buried under other symbols / lines / junk, faster than I can on a full-size drawing with a magnifying glass”

    Ken Gordon, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors Inc

  • eTakeoff Bridge and Navisworks Integrator are Construction Executive Hot Products