• GCPay

    GCPay simplifies the application for payment processes between general contractors and subcontractors by automating the payment application process. Create and exchange lien waivers, organize and collect compliance documents and improve subcontractor communication. Integrate directly with your Sage Construction solutions to save time and get your subs paid faster.

    - Integrate with Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 CRE, AvidXchange -

  • For CFOs

    Review monthly statements, establish policies to ensure the accuracy of reports and billing and oversee planning and strategies.

  • For Controllers

    Oversee financial operations including accounts payable and accounts receivable, job cost accounting, payroll and cash flow management.

  • For Project Accountants

    Monitor the progress of projects, approve expenses and ensure that project billings are issued and payments collected and distributed.

  • For Project Managers

    Speed up your billing process by tracking and reviewing pay applications to ensure compliance is met and waivers are collected—then approve and send off an owner bill.

  • How GCPay Enhances Sage Construction And Real Estate?

  • Integrated Commitment Management

    • Pushes subcontracts and subcontract change orders automatically
    • Protects original contract and previously billed values
    • Communicates instantly to ensure projects remain up to date
  • Automated Payable Import

    • Reduces time spent with data entry
    • Eliminates posting errors and omissions
    • Slashes processing time for accounting teams
  • Instant Project Coordination +Validation

    • Ensures contractors’ billing values never exceed contract amounts
    • Automates compliance tracking by pulling data from Sage
    • Provides specific lien waivers based on project specifications
  • Take A Closer Look At GCPay Subcontractor Billing Window

    1. This info comes directly from Sage, so subs cannot edit these columns
    2. Since your team already approved these numbers, a sub cannot change them while billing
    3. Perfect math every time. The system automatically calculates the percentage from the dollar amount and vise versa so there’s no need for manual calculations
    4. Subs are not able to overbill a line, even by a penny
  • As the general contractor, you decide what items a subcontractor must submit along with their application for payment. This can include:

    • Lien waiver(s)
    • Information about third-party subs on the job
    • Custom documents
    • Check-list acknowledging they have read information of your choosing
    • Stored material backup
    • Updated compliance
  • A Word From GCPay Customers

  • “Our processing time for subcontractor accounting has gone from five days a month to less than a day.”

    Desiree Albano, Program Manager

    Read Success Story >

  • “For us, GCPay equals better time management. It’s incredibly easy to use the program.”

    Debbie Rollins, Controller
    ANDRES Construction

    Read Success Story >

  • “We probably save half a day, every day. It’s 20-25 hours a week where someone on my team doesn’t have to be manually entering data.”

    Andrea Mosher, Risk Manager
    Pinnacle/CSG, Inc.

  • “The integration means no mistakes and no guesswork.” And, it’s fast. “What once took days now literally takes zero time because it’s already done in GCPay.”

    Carmina Cardenas, Billing Supervisor
    Dome Construction

  • “GCPay brings tremendous value with almost no learning curve. GCPay was also embraced internally by our Project Management and Accounting teams, as it brings efficiency to every step of the billing process.”

    Denise Santos
    C.W. Driver

  • “Our subs used to adjust numbers and add unapproved change orders causing a constant battle to tie out totals. That is now a thing of the past. The system provides complete transparency, in a central location, across the whole payment process. Plus our accounting department can always see who still needs to approve.”

    Jessica Bode, Controller
    Fore Property Company

  • “GCPay enabled us to streamline our entire pay app process. We no longer have to chase down lien waivers, or rush to code invoices—they are a thing of the past now! We’ve saved real time and money. The benefits of GCPay are well worth the investment.”

    Maureen Brennan, Project Accountant
    Harvey Construction

  • “Our sub billings used to take 4-6 days a month and now I’m down to about one day. That has freed up time for me to focus on other improvements in our business. We’ve changed every aspect of how we bill, how we collect waivers, and it’s all thanks to GCPay showing us a better way to do things.”

    James Streeter, Accounts Payable Manager
    Westland Construction

  • $18.3 B+
    Value of GCPay AFPs processed in 2020

  • 854,393
    Compliance Documents Exchanged

  • 1.6 M+
    Lien Waivers Exchanged