• Liberty Reports

    With Liberty Reports, Excel becomes an interactive reporting tool that connects directly to you Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Estimating databases. Be liberated to do more with business reporting than ever before.

  • Ease of use

    You don't need IT skills to use Liberty Reports. Just use the intuitive wizards to help you design your own reports.

  • Time savings

    Design a workbook one time then use it over and over again. Just one click of your mouse to refresh the data.

  • Accuracy of data

    Eliminate the chance of human error. Liberty Reports queried data directly from Sage databases.

  • Simply select your database and you're ready to begin working with your data in Excel. There's no need for you to create data sources or build SQL queries. Imagine you can run, refresh and design reports within the familiar Excel environment, that results in smaller time investment and a more rapid return on investment.

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