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TimberScan automates every aspect of the accounts payable (AP) process including data entry, approvals, and reporting. It eliminates manual-processing risks and digitizes approvals to speed up payment and project cycles.

No Data Entry

Acquiring invoices and documentation is effortless with TimberScan. Invoice data from email, scanned or saved files can be captured and stored securely in TimberScan database automatically through Email Monitoring and Smart Extraction technology.

Automate Approvals

TimberScan can be configured to support multiple approval levels and user-defined dollar thresholds, allowing every action and invoice to be tracked with a detailed audit trail. The correct approvers can bypass, reject or place a hold on invoices.

Connected Systems

Data such as job code, vendor, and compliance information flow between Sage and TimberScan for a unified AP experience. Get real time reports on all costs associated with a job or company, including those still in the approval process, or already posted to Sage.

Mobile Receipt Capture with Credit Card Reconciliation

  1. Capture receipts and submit expenses right from your phone. Plus coding selections match your Sage application for instant validation.
  2. Submissions are three-way matched to statement transactions for tighter controls. Cardholder name, dates and amounts are matched automatically.
  3. AP team can review, approve, return for correction or send transactions to TimberScan for processing.

Lien Waiver Management for Sage 300 CRE

With this premium feature, TimberScan users can track the status of existing lien waivers and associate the release of funds with the receipt and inspection of the waiver, ultimately preventing construction project delays.

Estimated $12 savings per transaction

Source: 1 Goldman Sachs Equity Research. 2 AFP Payments Study. 3 Paymentcloudin.

Before Automation

Cost to Process Paper Invoice 1$16.00
Cost to Process Paper Checks 2$3.00
Total Cost of Manual AP Process$19.00

After Automation

Paper Invoice Automated Cost 1$5.89
Check Process Automated Cost 3$1.50
Total Cost of Automated AP Process$7.39

Increase efficiency, visibility and control in your AP process

“From a monthly perspective, I’m probably saving a week each month. It’s just so much faster than it used to be.”
Maggie J., Office Manager, Ridgeline Construction

“Since adopting TimberScan and AvidPay, our AP departments cut their payment processing costs by almost 70%. This huge time and cost saver was exactly what we needed – we wish would’ve done it a long time ago.”
Adam Ditchfield, Controller, Douglaston Development

“It’s made paying bills so much easier and gives us our time back to do other things that we need to be doing.”
Kim Hittell, Office Manager

*AvidXchange is an industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for mid-market businesses. Founded in 2000, AvidXchange supports thousands of customers across North America and processes millions of annual transactions paid through the AvidPay Network. In January 2021, AvidXchange acquired Core Associates, the makers of TimberScan and complementary AP solutions trusted by more than 30,000 users nationwide.

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