• Office Connector

    A series of applications that automatically connects your Sage 300 CRE data to Excel. This solution can save you hours of time on reporting and analysis tasks using Excel. Best of all, Office Connector is easy to learn and use and comes with a number of prebuilt queries, getting you up and running immediately.

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  • Sage Office Connector Suite Overview

  • Office Connector Query

    Office Connector Query

    Automatically retrieves data from Sage 300 CRE for analysis and data manipulation using familiar Excel reports, worksheets, graphs, and more.

    Example uses of QUERY

    - Work In Progress - Graphs
    - Financial Statements - Exception Reporting
    - Cash Flow Statements - Rent Roll
    - Cost To Complete - Union Reporting
    - Reconciliation - Forecasting
    - Work In Progress - Audits


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  • Office Connector Write

    Office Connector Write

    Maps data from your Excel worksheets and forms to corresponding writable fields within Sage 300 CRE.

    Example uses of WRITE

    Create and/or Maintain
    - Employee Records - Vendor Records
    - Customer Records - Job Records
    - Budgets - Custom Field Values
    - Pay Rates & Contact Information
    - Notes and File Attachments
    - Misc Worksheet Amounts
    Others: Spell-Check and Correct Data


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  • Office Connector Import

    Office Connector Import

    Quickly saves Excel worksheets in formats that can be imported into Sage 300 CRE.

    Example uses of IMPORT

    - Estimates - Purchase Orders
    - Budgets - Change Orders
    - Time Entry - Recurring Invoices
    - Cost To Complete - Union Reporting
    - General Ledger Adjustments - Importing Cleared Checks
    - Importing Credit Card Purchases


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  • Office Connector Financials

    Office Connector Financials

    An extension to Office Connector Query. Office Connector Financials delivers a set of functions for use in Excel that you can use to pull various types of financial values from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate General Ledger. With your financial data in Excel, you're empowered to create robust financial reports leveraging all of Excel's features, including: formatting for high-quality presentation, graphing and charting, pivot tables, and more.

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  • Financial Functions

    A set of new worksheet functions available for your use in Excel to easily get a financial value from your general ledger data. With this, you can report the following types of values as of any desired fiscal period:

    • Balance, Cash Balance
    • Period Budget, Period Cash Budget, Period Activity, Period Debit Activity, Period Cash Activity, Period Debit Cash Activity
    • YTD Budget, YTD Cash Budget, YTD Activity, YTD Debit Activity, YTD Cash Activity, YTD Debit Cash Activity
  • Roll-Back

    With Office Connector Financials, you simply identify the desired Fiscal Year and Period. It then determines how many periods back the requested period is relative to the current period and then performs the necessary math operations.


    This allows accounting operations to continue even when you're not ready to close a given period or fiscal year. If a period hasn't been closed though, you may still wish to produce preliminary financials based on activity that has already been posted beyond the current period.

  • Consolidations

    Consolidating multiple fiscal entities, divisions, departments, or properties is made easy with Office Connector Financials. You can specify the prefix using a prefix mask containing wildcard characters or a list of prefix (in a simple text or as a range of cells).

    If you have multiple Sage 300 CRE data folders, just specify the path to the data folder in each financial function (or a range of cells containing a list of data folders).

    Partner Statements, Calendar Year Statements, and many other pre-built statements template are available to cater your reporting needs and preferences.