• Our Team

    We draw upon our deep expertise to create the ideal software solution for you. With over 20 years of experience developing and refining our business review and software implementation process, our seasoned consultants, together with our team of experts,will guide you from start to finish designing a software solution customized to your business needs.

  • Executive Team

  • Lee Lee Hulston


    Lee Lee Hulston

    Principal, VP Professional Services
    Sage 300 CRE Certified Consultant
    Sage Intaact Certified Consultant

    Lee Lee manages the consulting department while also overseeing finances and overall administration. With more than 20 years of experience with the Timberline/Sage product line, she brings expertise you can count on to guide the Digitek team of consultants in providing superior customer solutions.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1002

  • Stephen Hulston



    Stephen Hulston


    Solution driven and customer focused, Stephen’s 25 years of commercial construction experience includes large-scale management pre-construction and estimating services.

    (602) 334-4670

  • Mike Herbert



    Mike Herbert

    VP of Sales

    With a passion for finding the right solutions (within budget!) for our clients, Mike creates product overviews and demonstrations to share how Digitek and Sage will deliver the best products customized to meet both the current and future needs of your company.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1007

  • Troy Guevara



    Troy Guevara

    Sales and Business Development

    With a talent for marrying construction workflows with construction software, Troy has helped hundreds of companies implement software to increase productivity and profitability. As a former construction company owner, he understands the importance of improving efficiency, production, and accountability to streamline the  construction process. With his remarkable aptitude for assessing corporate needs, identifying areas of improvement, and delivering cost-effective business solutions, you are sure to get the solutions you want.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1012

  • Vince Russo



    Vince Russo

    VP of Technology Services

    Vince is responsible for identifying and maintaining the network infrastructure required to support each client's specific needs. Also serving as our resident expert on any and all electronic devices, he can tell you more about your cell phone than you could ever want to know!

    (602) 334-4670 | ex.1009

  • Jesse Sturgiss



    Jesse Sturgiss

    Sage Intacct Certified Consultant
    Lead Software Engineer

    Jesse Sturgiss is our lead programmer in the custom development department. His knowledge in multiple programming languages and SQL databases more than qualifies him to design solutions for your business needs. He's built it all, from time-saving import tools to sophisticated data entry utilities. Look no further than Jesse to develop ad-hoc tools that can take your business processes to the next level.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1001

  • Paul Gibson



    Paul Gibson

    IT Director

    Paul handles the technical operations, management, strategy, and execution of IT infrastructure for Digitek. He plays a key role in helping Digitek achieve its business goals and in identifying and eliminating security risks.

      (602) 334-4670

  • Sean Hendricks



    Sean Hendricks

    Technical Support Engineer

    Resolving technical issues is Sean game, and his can-do attitude saves the day! He delivers superior customer service by utilizing his extensive knowledge of VMware ESX, IT service management, servers, exchange support, and Windows server.

      (602) 334-4670

  • Aaron Bearden



    Aaron Bearden

    Systems Engineer

    When it comes to IT, Aaron’s a jack-of-all-trades and a master of many having gleaned over 15 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies. He’s got mad skills in everything from fixing the basic computer problem to data center management to engineering and designing multi-million dollar AI pods (no big deal). We question his sanity, but he does really good work.

      (602) 334-4670

  • Debbie Stewart



    Debbie Stewart


    All numerical figures flow through our accounting wizard. Her background working at a large, specialty contractor makes Debbie particularly suited for her role as accountant at Digitek. She utilizes working knowledge of the construction industry and applies her expertise to solving the specific challenges contractors face. 

    (602) 334-4670

  • Laura Archibald



    Laura Archibald

    Customer Service Manager

    Laura wears (and looks great in!) many hats here at Digitek. Positive, personable, and professional, she takes customer service to the highest level taking care of those both inside and outside the company. Thanks to Laura’s project management experience, she’s always one step ahead in making sure every department has what they need to keep things on track and running smoothly.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1004

  • Belle Loo



    Belle Loo

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Belle drives the growth at Digitek—and she never takes her foot off the pedal! She leverages her background in creative design and scripting with her aptitude in data analytics to develop and execute highly effective marketing campaigns and website strategies.With Belle at the wheel, Digitek has the ability to uncover new opportunities and optimize the full conversion pathway.

      (602) 334-4670

  • Consultant Team

  • Bernie Ko



    Bernie Ko

    Sage Intacct Certified Consultant

    With a keen eye for problem solving combined with 20 years of accounting experience, Bernie has an intuitive sense for identifying customer needs. His experience in the construction, marketing, and mortgage lending industries gives him functional insight into what our clients need to effectively manage data and produce meaningful reports. He understands the demands of high-pressure, multiple priority environments and has helped many clients implement our software to take their businesses to the next level.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1014

  • Danny McCarthy



    Danny McCarthy

    Sage 300 CRE Consultant

    Twenty years as a Sage Consultant specializing in Sage 300 CRE uniquely qualify Danny to  quickly assess and implement accounting and project management solutions for clients with even the most complex requirements and challenges. His programming and accounting background position him as the obvious go-to person when circumstances require thinking outside the box. 

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1003

  • Gary Simpson



    Gary Simpson

    Sage Estimating Certified Consultant

    No one is better qualified to interpret, design, and implement your estimating solutions than Gary, who joined Digitek after serving as Product Director of the Sage Estimating product line. Gary applies 20 years of direct experience at Sage where he developed, implemented, and trained users on the Sage 300 (Timberline) Estimating software suite to serve as a resource for fellow consultants, business partners, and our customers.

      (602) 334-4670

  • Greg Lane



    Greg Lane

    Sage 300 CRE Certified Consultant

    With more than 15 years experience as a Sage Certified Consultant and Trainer, Greg applies his extensive knowledge of the software and its many applications to find solutions for and train our clients in using our software. As a former session leader at Timberline Consultant conferences, TUG (The User Group) conferences, and facilitator of the Train the Trainer courses at the Sage Timberline corporate office, it’s safe to say that Gary has the gift of teaching, and of never ending patience!

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1010

  • Jelina Petzinger



    Jelina Petzinger

    Sage 300 CRE Certified Consultant

    Jelina spent 10+ years sharpening her Sage Timberline skills in the construction industry before joining Digitek in 2006. As a consultant on the Digitek team, she manages implementations and data conversions to Sage 300, post-implementation support, training, and custom report writing utilizing Crystal Reports, Office Connector, and Report Designer.

      (602) 334-4670 | ex.1011

  • Seth Myers



    Seth Myers

    Sage 300 CRE Certified Consultant

    Seth lives by his commitment to identify customer pain points, create solutions, and provide them with the tools they need for self-sufficiency. His background in training roles, systems implementation, troubleshooting, and accounting processes give him the capacity to successfully guide our clients through every stage of the implementation process.

      (602) 334-4670

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