• Procore Analytics

    Turn your contstruction project data into business intelligence.

  • The digital evolution of construction is producing mountains of data but most software solutions lack the tools to successfully leverage that data. Procore Analytics helps visualize your data quickly and effectively so you gain deeper insights into what's happening across your projects.

    Leverage every number.

    ☑ Historical analysis for improved forecasting
    ☑ Extract trends from larger datasets
    ☑ Identify patterns with machine learning

    Choose how you see data.

    ☑ Over 100 out-of-the-box reports
    ☑ Custom persona-based or portfolio level reporting
    ☑ Powerful data visualization

    Bring it all together.

    ☑ Extract and combine Procore and ERP data
    ☑ Cross-tool and cross-project reporting
    ☑ Consolidate and store data from disparate systems

  • Procore Analytics has helped us standardize our reporting across the entire company. Learning curves have disappeared. Now, every project has the same high-quality reports available without lifting a finger to create them.

    Steve Moore, Robins & Morton.

  • Procore Analytics has enabled Harkins employees–from the superintendent to the CEO–to monitor project and company insights in real time at all stages of the project lifecycle. These insights provide the right information, at the right time, and enable the right decisions to be made. By using these insights to make data-driven decisions, risk is minimized, efficiency is improved, and actionable knowledge is provided to all team members.

    Patrick Hennesy, Director of Innovation from Harkins Construction.

  • Operating in multiple locations requires accurate information that can be immediately accessed. Procore Analytics is easy to use with exceptional support that provides visibility for us to analyze and validate information quickly, to allow us to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

    Scott Polsen, Managing Director from Benmax.

  • Procore Analytics RFI Insights Report
    Procore Analytics Incident Details Dashboard
    Procore Analytics Project Insights Report