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    Greenstreak Landscaping has successfully used Sage 100 Contractor for many years to handle virtually every aspect of its landscape contracting business. Credit card processing for the company, though, had always been a manual, time-intensive process involving much duplicate data entry.


    Introduced integration between Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Payment Solutions provides Greenstreak Landscaping with a powerful, time and cost-saving solution.


    Credit card processing time cut from ten minutes to 30 seconds. Financial savings through lower processing fees. Payments reach the company’s bank account more quickly. Integration with Sage 100 Contractor eliminates duplicate data entry.

    A perennial favorite

    For nearly two decades, Sage 100 Contractor has helped this contractor grow and thrive. “We moved to Sage 100 Contractor from QuickBooks many years ago,” recalls Linda Comin, office manager at Greenstreak Landscaping. “We wanted software that would better support our industry. Through our networking and conversations with other landscape contractors, we learned that Sage 100 Contractor is highly regarded and considered the best solution for contracting businesses of our size.”

    The company relies on Sage 100 Contractor to manage all aspects and all phases of its projects and its accounting. “We generate our proposals in the software, turn winning proposals into jobs, track job costs, invoice, manage payables and receivables, handle payroll, and monitor our overall financials in Sage 100 Contractor,” says Comin. “There’s really no part of this business that isn’t tracked through the software.”

    Cultivate efficiency

    The creative use of assemblies in the software saves staff a great deal of time generating proposals. “We set up hundreds of different assemblies to speed and simplify our proposal process,” says Comin. “For example, a five-gallon plant is set up as an assembly, with the components being the plant itself, the soil amendments, and the labor involved in planting it. We simply add the assembly to the proposal instead of each individual cost, which saves us a lot of time and ensures we don’t forget something.”

    The database of completed jobs stored in Sage 100 Contractor is a valuable resource for bidding on new successful projects. “We can review similar projects and our profitability on those jobs, which helps us bid on new projects more accurately,” says Comin. “And we can copy the detail into a new proposal to save us preparation time.”

    When a question with the software arises, Greenstreak Landscaping doesn’t hesitate to call the professionals at the Sage support hotline. Comin has nothing but praise for the caliber of support she receives. “The helpline personnel at Sage are the best I’ve ever worked with. They are fast, friendly, and highly knowledgeable.”

    Harvest the savings

    With a long successful history of using Sage 100 Contractor, Comin was surprised and pleased to learn of a new product offering—integration between Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Payment Solutions.

    “I first saw the integration between Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Payment Solutions online in a training class and was immediately excited to try it,” says Comin. “We had been accepting credit cards through another vendor for several years before using Sage Payment Solutions, but with the new integration with Sage 100 Contractor, we save time by eliminating the data double entry. It’s quick, easy, and all in one system.”

    The time spent on credit card processing has been slashed with Sage Payment Solutions. “The time to process each credit card transaction has dropped from ten minutes to 30 seconds,” says Comin. It adds up to a significant savings when factoring in that fully half of the company’s invoices are paid by credit card.

    “We simply enter the card holder’s name, card number, and security code, and Sage Payment Solutions takes it from there,” she explains. “The invoice is recorded as paid and the deposit transaction created in Sage 100 Contractor. Plus, our clients receive an electronic receipt automatically. Before we had to log on to a website, enter all the credit card information there, then enter the payment information into Sage 100 Contractor, print a receipt, and mail it.”

    In addition to saving time on every transaction, Sage Payment Solutions saves the company money over its previous merchant services provider. “We save money on the transaction fees, and the money hits our bank account more quickly. What could be better than that?” says Comin. “I wholeheartedly recommend this solution to anyone using Sage 100 Contractor. We have not experienced a single problem, and it’s both easy and fast!”

    Company: Greenstreak Landscaping is a full-service construction and landscaping contractor specializing in creating beautiful, engaging, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Since its founding by owner Pete Gluhaich in 1989, Greenstreak Landscaping has won more than 70 regional, state, and national awards for its work.

    Industry: Construction and landscape contractor

    Location: Gilroy, California


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