• Sage 100 Contractor

    The perfect fit for growing contractors who need 20/20 vision into every facet of your business, including accounting, project management, estimating, and service management.

    - Formerly Sage Master Builder -

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  • Overseeing Your Business

    See how Sage 100 Contractor can help you better manage your business by giving you instant access to critical information so that you can make timely and informed decisions.

    • Customize the user dashboard for a single-screen view of business metrics that matter to you most
    • Create custom alerts that notify you by email, on the dashboard, or both when a specific activity requires your attention
    • Choose from 1,200 reports with full drill-down capability to gain insight into every corner of your business
    • Utilize the project work center for fast, easy access to outstanding project tasks, approved project changes, and costs
    • View production schedules by task grid, Gantt, or critical path
  • Running The Office

    Stay on top of complex construction issues. Whether it's certified payroll, AIA billings, or lien waivers, you can now manage them all with one powerful tool.

    • Gain control of project details with integrated job-cost capabilities
    • Compare up-to-the-minute actual costs with budgeted costs
    • Handle change-order management with ease
    • Improve cash flow by collecting more of the money due to faster and automatically depositing checks
    • Keep close tabs on purchased materials, committed costs, and job profitability
  • Managing Construction Operation

    Protect razor-thin margins—from bidding a job accurately the first time through managing each phase easily and efficiently.

    • Integrated estimating works in tandem with accounting, job costing, and project management. Once a bid is approved, the appropriate data feeds seamlessly into operations and across your business. No data loss. No redundant entry. No wasted effort
    • Access all the project information you need in one easy-to-use online project hub while strengthening collaboration among project teams and communication between the field and office
    • Powerful scheduling tools make it easy to allocate production resources and stay on top of schedules. Keep crews, subcontractors, and suppliers on time and focused on task lists, project notices, materials lists, and purchase orders
  • The Power of True Integration

    Discover what makes Sage 100 Contractor the right solution for managing not just your back office and accounting, but your entire business from start to finish.

  • Sage Estimating

    By uniting estimating with operations, Sage 100 Contractor keeps all team members on the same page, looking at the most current data. With a complete view of the business including historical data from accounting, estimating, scheduling, and job tracking.

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  • Sage Service Operations

    Manage your service and inventory departments with ease. When your service technicians are in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing, customers are happy. Complete mobile service management capabilities, integrated with inventory and accounting.

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  • Sage Paperless Construction

    Eliminate the paper chase with Sage Paperless Construction. Automate routing and approval workflow to improve communications. Easily store, retrieve, edit, and route documents including contracts, certificates of insurance, and payment information.

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  • Liberty Reports

    Liberty Reports is an add-on for Microsoft Excel® that enables you to transform spreadsheets into an interactive reporting and analysis tool that taps directly into your Sage 100 Contractor data.

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  • What Customers Say About Sage 100 Contractor

  • “When compared to the prior year, our gross margins for both contract and service have improved several percentage points across the board.”

    Chris Herak, Director of Finance
    VFS Fire and Security Services

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  • “Our teams can be more efficient and productive in their work and that leads to more profitable projects.”

    Andy Underhill, CFO
    UrbanCore Construction

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  • “Sage 100 Contractor allows us to streamline our workflow, so we can get ahead of deliverables and delight our clients.”

    Andrew Knox, Director of Communications
    Talisen Construction Corporation

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  • “I love how easily we can generate a certified payroll report, right from the software, for example. And the alerts function is very handy.”

    Joselin Martin, CFO
    Hayles and Howe, Inc.

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  • Fatboy Construction, Inc.

    “I know precisely how each job is doing compared to my estimate. As a result, I can invoice more quickly and improve my cash flow.”

    Mike Boyle, President
    Fatboy Construction, Inc.

  • The Minardos Group

    “Construction at its best is ‘organized chaos.’ A real key to our success is Sage 100 Contractor because it ties our information together and allows us to access it any time.”

    George Minardos, President and Founder
    The Minardos Group

  • Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

    “Sage 100 Contractor has had a significant impact on our bottom line. It helps us to be more productive, more efficient, and more responsive to our customers. It has helped us grow our business.”

    Matthew Smith, President
    Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

  • Bring your Sage 100 Contractor to the Cloud

    Hosting your Sage 100 Contractor in the cloud enables your team to work from any device, anywhere, and anytime. However, costly server maintenance and overhead are impeding you from making the move. With Digitek's Sage Cloud Hosting, you can enjoy reliable remote working solutions with enterprise level speed and worry-free IT.

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