• Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

    The most complete financial management solution for contractors, developers, and property managers to manage the entire construction project or property lifecycle with confidence, precision, and efficiency.

    - Formerly Sage Timberline Office -

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  • Build a system that’s right for you

    Are you challenged by multi-entity accounting and complex workflows? No matter where your organization fits in the building cycle—construction, service and specialty contracting, development, or property management—Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Sage 300 CRE) provides the integrated functionality you need to improve productivity, control, and profits.

    Build out your Sage 300 CRE system to match your needs. Each application integrates with the rest of Sage 300 CRE to ensure optimum workflow and enable cross-functional data sharing and reporting that drives the best business decisions.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Don’t let a simple oversight get the best of your business. Sage 300 CRE helps you minimize liability in the field with subcontractor compliance tracking of lien waivers, certified reports, insurance certificates, and more. Define the risk management process for all of your subcontractors and vendors and increase your organization’s collective peace of mind.

  • Business Visibility

    Business Visibility

    Gain timely insights for better decision-making. With Sage 300 CRE built-in inquiries, easily customizable reports, and powerful add-ons like MyAssistant with MyCommunicator and Office Connector—you can take control by defining the information your organization needs, how to access, and when you need it to make timely business decisions and maximize profitability.

  • Document Management

    Document Management

    Regain control of your documents. Sage 300 CRE, along with Sage Paperless Construction, provides you with greater control of your documents and a clean audit trail, therefore reducing your risk. Organize, store, and route all versions of drawings, RFIs, invoices, lease agreements, contracts, and more to keep your business moving.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Reduce risk by identifying issues before they become problems. Don’t let construction project management issues slow you down. With project management, you can reduce your organization’s risk and increase project profitability by quickly identifying potential issues before they become serious problems. And, with Sage Construction Project Center, everyone on the project—including external team members—can collaborate in real time throughout all phases of construction anytime, anywhere!

  • Service Management

    Service Management

    Delight customers with top-notch customer service. Streamline your service operations and impress your customers:

    • Optimize service dispatching and improve response times with an easy-to-use dispatch board
    • Keep tight control of your service and preventive maintenance agreements to maximize profitability
    • Eliminate duplicate data entry and increase billing accuracy by allowing technicians to enter work order details in the field
    • Provide best-in-class service by allowing customers to request work and track history through a customizable portal
  • Real Estate Management

    Real Estate Management

    Stay on top of all the details so you can focus on keeping your properties occupied. With Sage, your static lease documents are transformed into dynamic sources of information, so you stay on top of all the details that your contractual agreements require. Get the advantage you need to manage a wide variety of properties with improved communications, flexible lease options, and the ability to accommodate virtually every situation.

  • Real Results

  • F.A. Peinado, LLC

    “It’s really the gold standard — very highly regarded and very scalable. We know it will work for us for many years to come.”

    Linda Allstadt, CFO and Vice President of Finance
    F.A. Peinado, LLC

  • Interstate Restoration

    “With Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate we are more efficient. And the information we receive from the system is accessible, timely, and accurate.”

    Tom Reeve, CFO
    Interstate Restoration

  • Dean Crowder Construction, Inc.

    “We can get more work done with fewer staff members while keeping our teams in the field where they are most productive.”

    Maeva Mayes, Office Manager
    Dean Crowder Construction, Inc.

  • Excel-based reporting and process enhancement

    Excel is arguably the most widely used business application software on the planet. Naysayers argue against using it because transferring data to Excel leaves much room for error. Inaccurate data can lead to bad business decisions or wasted time and is ultimately costly. With Office Connector, data is queried directly from your Sage 300 CRE, eliminating the chance of human error that might create a discrepancy.

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  • Sage customers use Sage solutions to manage more than 500,000 jobs, 7 million subcontracts, and 622,000 rental units each year.