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  • Sage Estimating Core/Core+

  • Speed comes easily. Sage Estimating eliminates the drudgery associated with complex calculations and manual, repetitive, and routine estimating tasks. Fire it up and the first thing you notice is the intuitive interface with familiar bid worksheets that make building estimates easy.

    You’ll also find literally thousands of report options. Before you know it, you’ll be executing processes, pricing items, querying data, and taking off a project with ease and speed. As you finalize your proposal, you’ll wonder to yourself, “How can a few entry points and a series of clicks accomplish what used to take me days?” That’s the power of Sage Estimating. That’s putting your best bid forward, faster.

  • Create quick, accurate and defensible estimates and analyze from a variety of dimensions. Generate Excel-like spreadsheets without the Excel-based errors while utilizing advanced automation tools - Smart Assemblies and Models. 

  • Easily incorporate & analyze bids from multiple subcontractors and suppliers with flexible reporting options including export to PDF & Excel. Confidently create markups, cost indexes with flexible adjustment capabilities and extensive Work Breakdown Support (WBS).

  • Import/Export with MS Excel, Access, Outlook & Project and integrate with navisorks. RS Means Databases and Labor and equipment crews, resources and rate tables.

  • 5 Ways that Sage Estimating Makes You Smarter.

    • Automates the process of cost item updates eliminating the grind associated of pricing items manually.
    • Generates final proposals and  in seconds.
    • Provides a smart way to and report on estimates - with fast and easy access.
    • Shortens the learning curve by adapting to your preferred way of working.
    • Slashed takeoff time by 50% or more versus manual or generic spreadsheet methods.