• Sage Estimating

    Create more accurate cost estimates in less time while increasing your bid-to-win ratio.

    - Formerly Sage Timberline Office Estimating -
  • Fast. Accurate. Integrated.

    Sage Estimating eliminates the drudgery associated with complex calculations and manual, repetitive, and routine estimating tasks. The intuitive interface with familiar bid worksheets that make building estimates easy. You’ll also find thousands of built-in report options.

    • Slashes takeoff time by 50% or more versus manual or generic spreadsheets methods
    • Automates the process of cost item updates, eliminating the grind associated with pricing items manually
    • Generates dimensions and takeoff quantities automatically using your choice of integrated digital takeoff tools
    • Provides a smart way to organize and report on estimates—with fast and easy access
    • Shortens the learning curve by adapting to your preferred way of working
  • Profitability with precision.

    The fate of every project hinges on the estimate. Sage Estimating helps you ensure precise calculations and costs across all aspects of the bid: labor, supplies, subcontractor bids, materials, equipment, and even overhead and profit.

    • Uses up-to-date, trade-specific cost databases for final numbers you can trust
    • Eliminates manual calculations and reduces the risk of overlooked items—some of the most common causes of errors
    • Enables you to make last-minute changes with quick precision
    • Standardizes the bid process across multiple estimators without forfeiting individual styles and flexibility
    • Removes spreadsheet liabilities—such as hidden cells and broken formulas
  • Get projects on the fast track.

    Connect estimating with the rest of your business. Sage Estimating works in tandem with accounting and operations management software from Sage to establish a seamless connection from estimators to accountants to project managers.

    • Shares data across estimating, job cost, and accounting functions - with no data reentry
    • Smoothes the transition from estimating to job cost, ensuring projects stay on track
    • Makes it easier to schedule, communicate, and confirm all project details across your team
    • Provides estimators access to historical “estimated vs. actual” figures, helping improve accuracy on future bids
    • Gives management fast access to cross-operational reports for informed decision making
  • Turbo-charged your takeoff

    You can dramatically increase your estimating capacity and bid confidence by moving from time-intensive, manual, paper-based takeoff methods to producing quantity takeoff digitally. Choose a solution that fit your specific needs!

  • eTakeoff

    • Trusted by McGraw Hill
    • Proprietary pattern/autocount symbol search
    • Multiuser projects and drawings
    • Available in Advanced and Premier

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  • On-Screen Takeoff

    • Permanent mappings between OST and Sage Estimating database
    • Impacted quantities due to drawing changes are passed back to the estimate

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  • PlanSwift

    • Sage Estimating items and assemblies are accessed from within PlanSwift
    • Dimensions and quantities are calculated onscreen and passed directly to Sage Estimating

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  • Real Results

  • Pinnacle/CSG, Inc.

    "It allows us to have quicker turnaround...We can probably do a full on estimate in 2 days on a thirty-thousand square foot building."

    Cory McFarlane, Chief Visionary
    Pinnacle/CSG, Inc.

  • Rudolph and Sletten

    "With regular spreadsheet software, manual recalculation can lead to a catastrophic error on an estimate. Sage Estimating provides us with safeguards against these costly mistakes."

    Todd Ahern, Senior Estimator
    Rudolph and Sletten

  • Echo Valley Irrigation

    "Sage Estimating is helping us expand, be more efficient, and be more organized. It has proven to be a real blessing for Echo Valley Irrigation."

    Andre Dickner, President
    Echo Valley Irrigation

  • Estimating solutions used by over 7,500 construction firms • Over 47 years in construction and real estate