• Sage Intacct For Construction And Real Estate

    A native cloud financial management solution builds with the leading construction management functionality of Sage 300 CRE (formerly Sage Timberline) onto the Sage Intacct multi-tenant cloud platform.

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  • A Powerful Construction Accounting and Financial Software Built for Success

    Sage Intacct Construction offers critical industry-leading functionality to construction financial management including true cloud solution, streamlined multi-entity consolidation, dimensional reporting, and project estimates. Additional functionality will roll out over the next several months and will include retainage billing and payables, Procore integration, and change management.

  • Modern Cloud Platform

    • Open API enables seamless integration with field, payroll, and budgeting solutions.
    • Maximize performance with new releases push to you automatically every quarter.
  • Multi-Entity Consolidation

    • Streamline and automate some of the trickier areas of finance such as multi-entity and global consolidations and more.
    • Reduce time from 100 hours to just minutes and drive your business forward.
  • Robust Dimensional Reporting

    • Analyze actual and estimated project costs using live data, without using spreadsheet.
    • Deliver results with 30-50% faster reporting, cut time and cost of audit and improved cash flow.
  • Project Estimates

    • With several specific functions including estimates, job controls, and accounting, construction financial manager can easily track and manage costs and productivity throughout the full life cycle of a project.
  • General Contractors and Real Estate Developers using Sage Intacct

  • “Since deploying Sage Intacct, our home services division has grown 20% and we’ve acquired other businesses, yet we’ve decreased the finance headcount we need to keep up with that growth and complexity by eight FTEs. What’s more, since the system can easily integrate with any other application, it will be easy to add new companies we acquire down the road.”

    Jennifer Loving, CFO
    Woodfin Heating, Inc

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  • “Every time we encounter a complexity, we quickly find there’s a way to solve it with Sage Intacct. If we have to accommodate consolidations with 10 layers of partnerships, we don’t worry about whether Sage Intacct can handle it because it’s so easy to use.”

    Brett Atkinson, SVP Finance
    Benchmark Global Hospitality

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  • “With Sage Intacct, we work smarter instead of harder, even as we grow at a rapid pace. The fact that we’ve added 7 new entities— each with their own budgeting and financial planning requirements— without needing any additional staff is a true testament to Sage Intacct’s robust ERP capabilities.”

    Tamara Crawford, CFO

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  • “With Sage Intacct, our general managers and department heads hold greater accountability, because management can quickly pinpoint areas of financial concern and have accurate information with which to make better business decisions. As a result, three of our struggling entities moved into the black, our overall gross margins improved by 20%, cash flow increased by nearly a half a million dollars, and our real estate asset values grew by over $5 million. ”

    Larry Chank, CFO
    Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation (HTEDC)

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  • The first and only preferred financial management solutions provider by the AICPA

  • Rate #1 in customer satisfaction for years since 2015 based on over 2,000 reviews from the users.

  • A Visionary for Cloud Financial Management for the third straight year.