• Sage Paperless Construction

    Stop searching through stacks of paper for missing documents. Approve invoices in hours instead of days or weeks. Ensure prompt payments and build stronger vendor and subcontractor relationships.

    - Integrates with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE -

  • Automate Accounts Payable Workflow

    Replace your manual invoice approval and coding systems with a paperless process. You’ll reduce the cost of invoice processing and ensure prompt payments with quicker approval of invoices. Plus you can find support documentation when you need it using an easy search tool based on your access privileges.

  • Paperless Payroll

    Another paper-intensive task is payroll. Many time-consuming payroll processes involve paper timesheets and approvals with manual data entry. Using Sage Paperless Construction, payroll can be processed entirely electronically with timecards scanned, routed for approval, and imported into your preferred payroll solution.

  • Capture, Retrieve, and Protect Documents

    Upload or import any type of document from any location to centralize all your vital business content in one secure location. Then define document types and indexes to make finding your files as simple as possible. When you need track down a document you can easily retrieve it using any combination of index fields, keyword searches, or a user-defined folder view.

  • Automatically Distribute Documents

    Using a predefined set of rules, Sage Paperless allows you to easily distribute documents to your team. Build out workflow processes unique to your business by establishing return dates, monitoring route progress, and reviewing status of routed content. You can route one or multiple documents at a time and even recall content as necessary.

  • What used to take two full time people is now done by just one person, with time to spare.

    Jack Gieffels, CFO, TC Construction Company

  • Using Sage Paperless Construction, we’ve reduced our billing cycle from 15 to 20 days down to two days. This single process change
    increased our cash flow by over $4 million per month.

    Bruce Evenrud, CFO, A.M. Ortega Construction Inc.