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  • Keeping it Together When We’re Not: Good Business Practice is More than Just Business

    We’re two months into pandemic life, and I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a little cagey. It seems working from home means more hours, more meetings, and no lunch escape. Work is always there; it’s taunting you from your table/corner/office. We hear it whispering, “Come back here. You’re not done with this.” Add to it the looming fear of layoff or furlough, and you’ve got a recipe for burnout. And if you’re feeling it, you can bet your team is too. It’s [...]

    Updates to Digitek’s service during Pandemic

    To our Valued Customers Protecting the well-being of our employees, customers, and community has and will always be our top priority. As the implications and uncertainty around this pandemic continue to unfold, and as many people transition to working remotely, we understand the importance that the Digitek IT Technicians and Sage Consultants can continue supporting our customers. In following the recommendations and intent of the CDC and our public health authorities, the Digitek Team[...]

    Prospering from Digital Transformation in Finance Function

    Finance leaders are increasingly expected to drive digitalization. To get the most from technology there needs to be alignment between business strategy and cultural readiness. Also, finance leaders need to continue investing in training and educating their teams on the role digitalization will play. Is your company ready to embrace the changing digital landscape? 32% believe they have an overall digital skills gap in their department or team 82% of respondents believe the culture of [...]

    The Digitalization of the Finance Function

    Digitalization is now a realistic goal for the finance function because of a range of technological advances. These include the widespread availability of business data; teams’ ability to process large sets of data using now-accessible algorithms and analytic methods; and improvements in connectivity tools and platforms, such as cloud computing. 98% of CFOs say their job has changed in the past 5 years 46% of finance professionals are facing increased demand to provide [...]

    Evolution of the CFO

    13 Feb 2020 | Blog
    Evolution of the CFO

    The digitalization of the finance industry is fundamentally changing how the accountancy profession is conducted in its entirety. But rather than replacing traditional systems, we are adapting business models to utilize technology and provide better systems and services for our customers. The way work happens has evolved - we are mobile, social, flexible and adept at change. We trust data and expect technology to provide the solution to make us more efficient, productive and enable us to [...]

    What You Need to Know About Compensation In Construction

    BY DEB CARPENTER-BECK If there’s one thing on most contractor’s minds these days, it’s employee compensation. A limited pool of workers is causing many construction companies to rethink pay structures and benefits to keep and retain the workers they need. Is your construction company’s compensation package up to par for today’s limited labor conditions? To help answer that question, I turned to Jeff Robinson a regular contributor to Sage [...]

    6 Ways to Engage and Retain Your Construction Employees

    BY DEB CARPENTER-BECK Workers in the construction industry are on the move.  According to the numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 177,000 construction industry workers quit their current jobs in April 2017. That’s more than twice the number (roughly 68,000) of construction employees who gave separation notices in April of 2009—two months prior to the official end of the Great Recession. Employee retention issues [...]