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  • New Features in eTakeoff

    Work Zones are used to break down quantities by different areas of a drawing. They can be used for phases of work, construction schedules or any other needed method of breaking out takeoff results. Bridge Project Backup function is designed to create a unique archival backup that reflects the status of the entire takeoff/estimate project at that time. After you enter a Backup Project name and notes, Bridge will archive the Dimension Takeoff project, all associated drawings, the [...]

    eTakeoff: Trace Creation Tool

    Learn how to create an estimate in less than half an hour using eTakeoff Dimension Trace Utility, Bridge and Sage Estimating v19.11. Agenda The scenario you may be encounteringIntroduce the common terms in Sage Estimating and eTakeoffReview Excel integration features in Sage EstimatingIntegrate eTakeoff with Sage EstimatingCreate an Estimate Presenter: Jud YouellRecorded: October 16, 2019Length: 33mins

    eTakeoff Bridge

    Create a dynamic workflow between takeoff and cost estimating using eTakeoff Bridge. Agenda Use eTakeoff Bridge to automatically send takeoff quantities to the estimate.Automatically update the estimate with drawing changes while retaining estimate detail such as pricing and productivity factors.Drill down from within an Estimating Assembly to find the drawing and supporting measurement in eTakeoff Dimension. Presenter: Jud YouellRecorded: April 10, 2019Length: 30mins

    eTakeoff, Bridge and Estimating

    Learn how 2D eTakeoff Dimension integrated through Bridge into Sage Estimating. Agenda Review the "Best-in-Class" ApproacheTakeoff Dimension & BridgeSage Estimating v18.12 Presenter: Jud YouellRecorded: April 9, 2019Length: 56mins

    eTakeoff & Sage Estimating Tips and Tricks

    Learn how to manage your workspace, customize the toolbar for quick access, and discover the features that are less known but very handy. Jud will spend half of the session sharing his knowledge on eTakeoff follow by Sage Estimating. Presenter: Jud YouellRecorded: March 24, 2019Length: 49mins

    Why Upgrade to Sage Estimating SQL?

    If you're not using Sage Estimating, watch this webinar to see the new tools Sage has built into the Estimating product suite that gets you into the power of Sage Estimating in a fraction of the time you might expect. Agenda What's going on in the Estimating landscapeWhat's new in Sage Estimating, eTakeoff Dimension, Bridge & Navisworks IntegratorSoftware DemonstrationThe road ahead Presenter: Jud YouellRecorded: March 13, 2019Length: 55mins

    Estimating: How to win more jobs and increase profits!

    Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET This webinar will help you to better understand how Estimating Software can help to bring better controls, standardization and audit capabilities to your estimates. You'll learn how you can: Eliminate spreadsheet errors for more accurate bidsIncrease take-off efficiency so you can bid more jobs in less timeProvide more precise estimates to increase profitability Speaker:Troy Guevara, Construction TechnologistDigitek [...]

    Don’t just bridge the gap, CLOSE IT!!

    Designed by Freepik Are you managing construction technology or is it managing you? BY TROY GUEVARA Construction technology has seen substantial growth over the last 30 years. In my early years, it was common to have 1 phone on site (in the job trailer) and then the important people on site had pagers hooked to their belt. The means of communication were very limited and the gap between the office and the field was quite large. Information was usually exchanged via the person [...]