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  • Sage Intacct For Real Estate Investment Trust

    Let's take the example of a REIT financial leader managing client's assets across US commercial real estate, Europe real estate and US residential Real Estate. This brief video illustrates how Sage Intacct helps portfolio mangers keep funds under control with the help of real-time data and intuitive financial dashboard. The key benefits when a REIT company start using Sage Intacct Role-based dashboard for each fund - with unique key metrics that you can drill down deep to [...]

    3 Accounting Features Every Wealth and Asset Management Firms Need

    Data-driven Chief Financial Officers and Chief Investment Officers need to access to integrated financial and management reports, across their holding and operating companies in real-time. Here are the 3 key features of Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting that help investment businesses maximize their firm's performance. 1. Fast Consolidation Shifting from a quarterly reporting process to a continuous consolidation and drill deep into the data, CFO and CIO are able to analyze by the [...]

    Cloud Accounting for Wealth and Asset Management

    Family offices, wealth management and asset management firms need speed and accuracy to financial insights that on-premises accounting technology and spreadsheet reporting simply don’t provide. This is why they choose Sage Intacct as their proven cloud-based financial management solution to accelerate global consolidations - boosting productivity by 50%. Streamline multi-entity financial management across your holding and operating companies Be more data-driven and easily report [...]