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  • How to Convince Your Exec Team It’s Time to Switch Accounting Software

    BY NEHA TANDON It’s likely that when your company was started or founded that your executive team went with the easiest, quickest, and most cost-friendly solution to handle its accounting needs just to get things started. But the truth is that start-ups outgrow the tools that launched the company. Not only can your old system be outdated, but the ability to handle higher volumes of work might even be inhibiting your ability to grow. When you’re spending more time finagling your [...]

    The Top 3 Accounting Software Features For Growing Businesses

    Designed by Freepik BY RUSS DAVIDSON Accounting software has already established itself as an essential technology tool for your small business. Eventually, these technology tools help small businesses grow into more successful operations. As a business starts out, there are a lot of things you must know before investing in accounting software. In fact, the first step was probably an attempt to manage your accounting via spreadsheets. Once you’ve noticed the signs that you’ve [...]