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  • There’s Cloud and There’s True Cloud

    BY BOB SHAWGO When a company chooses a cloud service, they have certain expectations. First off, most companies plan to enjoy the cost savings in IT—not having to maintain a powerful, scalable server with guaranteed up time. Rather than paying for room to grow, they anticipate that the service will be able to expand during times of peak demand—referred to as elasticity. Second, they expect fresh software that they don’t have to update. The provider updates the software at frequent [...]

    I'm New! What Is Cloud Accounting?

    Designed by Freepik BY COMPUDATA It seems like these days everyone is talking about the cloud... Whether you're new to the technology space, the accounting industry, or both, the phrase "cloud accounting" is probably something that you're hearing a lot about. But what is cloud accounting? If you're unsure, or still in the exploratory phase, this blog is for you! Cloud accounting software products vary in complexity and features offered, with many products designed for use by [...]

    Trade show research: 5 ways to help you choose the right Construction Software

    BY TROY GUEVARA With the construction trade show season in full bloom, many contractors are heading to the warmer climates to enhance their skills through classroom education and to research new products to improve their business. One of the great things about construction trade shows is that they bring most of the major players to one location. If you are currently looking to enhance, upgrade or even implement construction software, here are five simple suggestions to help prevent [...]