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  • Timberscan

  • Timberscan

    TimberScan, by Core Associates, automates every aspect of the accounts payable process, including data entry, approvals and reporting. It eliminates manual-processing risks and ends the relentless paper-chase that hampers timely invoice approval.

    Easy to use and quick to implement, Timberscan was developed for seamless integration with Sage CRE software. Data flows simply and directly from Sage to Timberscan with similar entry protocols; data entry has the same lookups, warnings, error messages and distribution grids to give you a succinct yet paperless experience.

    Timberscan can be configured to support multiple approval levels and user-defined dollar thresholds. By automatically routing invoices to the correct approvers who can bypass, reject or place a hold on invoices, the AP approval process is simplified and the cycle is shortened.

     Key Features and Benefits

    • Simple data functions including drag and drop and automated email monitoring to significantly reduce data entry.
    • Intuitive approval process automation that puts an end to the paper chase.
    • Sophisticated reports to assess approval status and support custom B.I. objectives.
    • Easy set-up, fast installation and seamless integration to Sage CRE
    • Powerful and user-level security that helps maintain confidentiality and data integrity.