• Work Zones are used to break down quantities by different areas of a drawing. They can be used for phases of work, construction schedules or any other needed method of breaking out takeoff results.

    Bridge Project Backup function is designed to create a unique archival backup that reflects the status of the entire takeoff/estimate project at that time. After you enter a Backup Project name and notes, Bridge will archive the Dimension Takeoff project, all associated drawings, the Bridge, the Assignment Catalog, and the Sage Estimate. This will be a completely independent copy fo the project that can be accessed concurrently in Dimension/Bridge/Sage while the original project is still resident. This is very useful for running Estimate comparison reports across several Takeoff scenarios or timeframes.

    NOTE: Do not use the Dimension Project Backup or the Sage Estimate Backup functions for archival purposes as these will destroy the Bridge links to the Takeoff and Estimate files when later restored.

    Presenter: Jud Youell
    Recorded: March 18, 2020
    Length: 15mins

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