• Date: Thu, May 28, 2020
    Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET

    For Contractors, Home Builders & Multi-Discipline

    Successful projects are built on overcoming the daily challenges for contractors and builders. Having all your information in one location, optimize your bids, review your job resources at a glance, quote with confidence, and active collaboration are all key to getting the best out of everyone involved in a construction project – from bottom to top.

    Dave Knowles from TopBuilder will share his experience in helping builders and contractors to reach their goals. Join us in this interactive session to learn:

    1. The underlying issues that lead to your daily challenges.
    2. Five strategies proved effective by TopBuilder’s users.
    3. The tools you need to keep going and propel growth.

    Dave Knowles is the owner & founder of TopBuilder. Dave’s previous experience as the owner of several construction companies, combined with over 20 years as a mechanical engineer and software engineer, developing CRM’s for companies like Hewlett Packard are behind his design for TopBuilder’s CRM.

    TopBuilder provides effective, yet easy-to-use sales and marketing tools for contractors, home builders, and realtors. Check out how other companies like yours thrive with TopBuilder.

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