• Automate AP Processing and Accurate Cash Forecast

  • Date: Thu, June 25, 2020
    Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET

    TimberScan software automates every aspect of the accounts payable process, including data entry, approvals, and reporting. It eliminates manual-processing risks and ends the relentless paper-chase that hampers timely invoice approval.

    TimberScan saves Sunbelt’s AP clerk at least 20 hours per month. “I save about eight hours per month chasing around, eight hours filing, and four hours on folder maintenance and accessing invoices,” explained Fin Loison, the Accounts Payable Clerk. “At year-end, I save another two days by not creating new file folders.”

    With TimberScan reports, Corporate Controller – Susan Fisher makes accurate cash forecasts weeks in advance. “You have a better grasp on what is out there now, management has more information to compare to budgets and spot problems faster—we also save money not having to print the paper and not needing the space for 30 file cabinets,” explained Fisher. At competitive lease rates, the 200 square feet required for that many file cabinets would have cost $4,000 per year, so Sunbelt recognized more savings from the mere paper-free nature of TimberScan!”

    Join us in this live webinar to learn how you can:

    • Automate AP invoice approvals with precision routing rules
    • Gain tighter control of document management with real-time insight
    • Improve cash flow forecasting with an exceptional reporting engine

    Sandra Gioe-Rieders
    Director of Channel, Core Associates LLC

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