• How your Accounting Team will Benefit from Estimating Software?

  • Date: Wed, June 10, 2020
    Time: 9AM PT / 12PM ET

    Estimating is not an isolated activity and your job profits begin with the estimate. To maximize your job profits, you need an Estimating software that integrates with Accounting and Project Management software. When data can flow freely between estimating, accounting, and project management, you eliminate the error-filled manual entry process, foster better project collaboration, and launch your business with a new strategy towards success.

    This webinar explores how Estimating software can have a MAJOR business impact on the Accounting process. We will show you how you to:

    • Streamline budget creation / buyout process
    • Improve the accuracy of future estimates / change requests / change orders
    • Eliminate calculations or data entry errors

    Darren Pierce
    Estimating Field Manager at Sage

    Coming up on June 17, we have a product tour on how Sage Estimating can help your business produce accurate Estimates in less time and lead your company on a path to more jobs and increased profitability. Register here.

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