• Collaboration 101: Fixing the Field to Office Gap with Sage Construction and eSUB

  • Sage Construction eSub Integration

    Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020
    Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET

    In your construction company, many people across departments need to work together to ensure that projects run smoothly. But when even one department or one person has insufficient tools to do their job, the entire project can run aground and cost you money—and lots of it. How can you drive better collaboration to ensure everyone is more productive? How do you ensure the integrity of your data when working between different Accounting and Operations systems?

    Join eSUB and Sage as we show you how to improve field to office collaboration with testimony and case study from a large trade contractor.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Capture jobsite activity from a mobile device to keep the office team up-to-date in real-time
    • Integrate operations and financial systems to reduce manual data entry and increase accuracy
    • Establish best practices to standardize operations and improve efficiency
    Benny Baltrotsky

    Benny Baltrotsky is the Chief Strategy Officer of eSUB Construction Software, a cloud-based project management solution for subcontractors. Benny’s knowledge of mobile technology gives him a unique perspective on the future of construction technology.

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