• About Us

    At Digitek Solutions, we believe that software should be a tool that enhances and streamlines your business bringing operations and accounting together seamlessly.

  • Why Choose Us

    We understand that a software product is not a one size fits all and involves finding the right solution to match your business and budget. We work hard to implement the solution to match the personality of your business so the software works for you instead of you working for it. It is this commitment that have our clients continuing to choose Digitek as their partner in their business.

  • Expert In Software Solutions

    We are an expert in software solutions for the Construction and Real Estate Industry. Accounting, Project Management, Human Resources, Estimating, Service and Property Management.

  • Full-service Company

    We are a full-service company offering software implementation and consulting, custom programming,  IT hosting and service.

  • Diverse Team With Deep Experience

    0ur team is made up of Construction Executives, CFO’s Accountants, Subcontractor Business Owners, Marketing and Sales Executives and Project Managers.

  • Customer Base Focused

    We have been in business 20 years with a customer base focused on more than 10 states that include Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico as well as internationally.