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AvidSuite for Construction Unveiling

  • 2 min read

AvidXchange announced AvidPay is now integrated with TimberScan to create a complete purchase-to-pay AP solution for construction industry professionals. This new flexible API integration enables “AvidSuite for Construction,” a portfolio of construction-specific, fully automated AP products that work directly with construction accounting systems like Sage 300 CRE.

With combined TimberScan and AvidPay technology, customers like contractors, commercial developers, and property managers can now match purchase orders, manage invoices, curate reports, and access stored real-time and historical payment information in one centralized platform. Coupled with automation to replace paper invoices and checks with electronic options, this functionality supports increased efficiency and profitability while delivering better visibility into cash flow.

AvidSuite for Construction also provides the opportunity to send more secure, accurate payments through the AvidPay Network of 700,000 suppliers. With multiple electronic payment methods, subcontractors and vendors can choose how they want to receive payment while working directly with AvidXchange’s supplier services team for day-to-day support. This removes the burden of fielding payment inquiries and maintaining supplier payment preferences from internal AP teams so they can save time and focus on more value-add initiatives.

“Construction projects are on the rise in 2021 so it’s the perfect time to launch this industry-specific AP platform in light of next year’s expected growth,” said Jim Campbell, Vice President of Construction at AvidXchange. “This technology will help professionals reduce the time spent on paperwork, allowing them to focus on driving revenue and business growth opportunities.”