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Sage Intacct Release Highlights 2021 R4

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Sage Intacct Release Highlights 2021 R4

Managing Accounts Receivable and Payables

  • Improved list pages for AR Advances and AP Approve Payments to better manage views, filters, and take action.
  • Visibility into how an AP or AR transaction is posted to the GL from the transaction page.
  • Manage attachments with ease on AR Advances and AP Bill lists.

International Tax Improvements

  • Canadian tax submission support
  • Add and remove standard tax solutions
  • Reverse charge support for the UK
  • Edit transactions after tax submission
  • Accrual and cash dual-method accounting support

Industry-Focused Enhancements for Construction and Nonprofit

Increased flexibility to manage change requests and change orders for the construction industry:

  • Set up document and email templates to send change request information.
  • Delete posted change orders or prevent deleting change orders that create new lines that subsequent change orders modified.

Nonprofit organizations now can automatically trigger the release of purpose-based restricted funds for qualified expenses. This sweeps the system for qualified expenses to release equivalent revenue. It’s also easier to view the details of generated journal entries.

Financial Report Writer Enhancement

  • Run scheduled reports automatically when GL is closed, no more waiting for a scheduled report time.
  • Give computation columns a name and description so that you can understand at a glance what each computation does and why.

For the detailed release notes: Sage Intacct 2021 R4 Release Notes