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Sage Intacct’s Latest Features

  • 1 min read

Partial Ownership through Tiered Consolidations

As businesses expand and diversify their portfolios, it becomes increasingly important to have a reliable method of consolidating financial data across multiple entities with varying ownership percentages.

This innovative feature streamlines the consolidation process at an entity level by period, taking ownership percentages into account. By simplifying partial ownership through tiered consolidations, Sage Intacct enables businesses to save time and resources while increasing accuracy. It will be particularly useful in financial services, healthcare, and hospitality, but there is also applicability for general business.

Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO)

SDMO provides small and mid-sized distributors and discrete manufacturers with an easy-to-use, purpose-built, cloud-native ERP so they can be more resilient, agile, and responsive in an ever-changing world. Powered by deep functional capabilities, SDMO simplifies complex business processes through industry best practices and guided workflows that make it easy to manage key processes across:

  • Procurement – buy and put-away
  • Manufacturing – make and assemble
  • Distribution – sell and distribute
  • Inventory and warehousing
  • Resourcing and skills management

Both features are now available for Early Adopter users in the US.