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Sage 100 Contractor VS QuickBooks Webinar

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, we will demonstrate how you can perform each of these critical construction tasks quickly, and efficiently. All in one system, without re-handling data:

  1. Print current and accurate job cost reports on demand without rekeying data
  2. Capture and retrieve information on mobile devices in the field for daily field reports
  3. Generate construction-specific billing, such as AIA, time, and material
  4. Dispatch work orders to mobile devices in the field
  5. Automatically generate workers’ comp, certified payroll, and union reports
  6. Track maintenance and charge equipment used on a job based on usage from the field
  7. Generate quotes and estimates, automatically create proposals, budgets, PO’s and subcontractor agreements

Discover how Sage 100 Contractor makes it easier to run your company