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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Case Study

Peinado Construction

Design-build general contractor manages to grow while keeping the headcount low.

F.A. Peinado, LLC, dba Peinado Construction, is a design-build general contractor specializing in industrial buildings, distribution centers, medical facilities, and data centers throughout Texas. It’s a young company, but during its eight years in operation, the Peinado Construction team has grown rapidly and is on track to generate $225 million in revenues in 2018. Rapid growth can bring growing challenges, but Peinado Construction is successfully overcoming those challenges with help from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Sage From The Start

“Frank (Teddy) Peinado started the company out of his home, and thanks to his strong leadership and a great economy, the company grew and continues to grow rapidly,” explains Linda Allstadt, CFO and vice president of finance for Peinado Construction. “We started out using Sage 100 Contractor, and it worked quite well for us for the first three years. But we recognized that to support our continued growth, we would need a more robust construction management solution and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Sage 300 CRE) was the natural choice.” Allstadt says the decision to migrate to Sage 300 CRE was in large part due to the product’s reputation in the industry. “It’s really the gold standard — very highly regarded and very scalable. We know it will work for us for many years to come.”

Integrate All Aspects of the Business

Sage 300 CRE is a comprehensive construction management solution that brings together people, projects, and processes, helping Peinado Construction better manage its projects from initial estimate through final completion.

“The biggest benefit that we get from Sage 300 CRE is the ability to integrate all aspects of our operation,” says Allstadt. “From estimating, contracts, project management, job costing, billing, payables, payroll, to financial reporting — it’s all part of Sage 300 CRE. This gives us tremendous insight across the operation, and with all the data in one integrated solution, it eliminates the need for separate applications and duplicate data entry.”

Growing Fast and Lean

Peinado Construction operates with a lean staff of just 45, and credits the efficiencies brought by Sage 300 CRE with its ability to keep its workforce small, yet highly productive. “Having a solution like Sage 300 CRE allows us to keep our headcount low, even as we grow,” concludes Allstadt. “The efficiencies we gain through the integrated processes and automated workflows help each person on our team be more efficient and effective at their job.”

Leveraged by the Entire Team

Peinado Construction’s project managers use Sage 300 CRE daily. “They have all the information they need to better manage their jobs,” says Allstadt.

“Project Managers can monitor the schedule of values, check actual costs against our estimates, track change orders, and better understand how the project is performing.”

Linda Allstadt
CFO and Vice President of Finance, F.A. Peinado

The company’s management team relies on Sage 300 CRE to deliver the project data needed to monitor the overall health of each project. “Management gets the project visibility they need to assess project risk and performance and make better, more informed decisions.”

One useful tool is Sage Desktop, which provides management and staff with a one-screen dashboard-style view of the tasks and metrics that matter most, and can be tailored to each employee.

The company has designed custom reports to deliver job data in its preferred format. “We built a Forecasted Outcome report, for example, that provides the data we need to stay proactive and on top of each project’s profitability,” says Allstadt. “We’ve been able to get the exact reports we need using the report writer included with Sage 300 CRE, along with Crystal Reports.”

Expanded Offerings

The company takes advantage of some of the many third-party solutions available for Sage 300 CRE. “Because Sage 300 CRE is so well established and has such a long history, there are dozens of add-on solutions we can incorporate to bring additional functionality,” says Allstadt. “We have added mobile time card management, document management, and ACH payment management that all work with Sage 300 CRE.”

Going Mobile

Going forward, Peinado Construction plans to implement Sage Mobile Projects, an integrated solution that keeps all personnel in the know with the ability to capture and access real-time project information access on any mobile device. “We think it will be an especially great tool for our field superintendents,” says Allstadt. “It will give them access to field reports and requests for information, and improve the communication between the field and the office — keeping projects on time and on budget.”

With Sage 300 CRE, Peinado Construction has a scalable, comprehensive construction management solution with the power to manage its entire operation for many years to come.