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Sage 100 Contractor Case Study

The Minardos Group

“The analysis capabilities, plus the ability to track open issues makes Sage 100 Contractor worth every penny.”

Company Overview: Since its inception, The Minardos Group of Santa Monica, California, has been building award-winning structures for residential, commercial, and art/special interest customers. The company’s projects—ranging from 10,000 square foot office structures to culturally distinct museums, to private dwellings that are top-class, and The Minardos Group requires business management software that’s as impeccable and undeniably unique as it is. So, when George Minardos, president and founder of The Minardos Group, was looking to upgrade the company’s overloaded software, he found that Sage 100 Contractor provided the tools and insights he was previously lacking.

QuickBooks was Inadequate

Beginning as a framer and general contractor in 1991, Minardos recalls that in the early days, QuickBooks and Microsoft Word were “just enough” for the company’s accounting and reporting needs. But over the next seven years, the economy grew healthier, and Minardos wanted to expand the company. Suddenly those applications were no longer up to par. “We experienced several warning shots over our bow,” explains Minardos. “A couple of vendors were overpaid, we double-paid a few material items, and we didn’t collect some accounts receivable for over six months. We needed a solution that could solve our current problems and grow with our current business.”

Minardos needed control and insight. “Construction at its best is ‘organized chaos,’ and the way that you control the field, clients, and the office needs to be integrated,” says Minardos. Sage 100 Contractor provides that control. As a fully integrated system, Sage 100 Contractor is on the job from start to finish – providing Minardos with critical, up-to-the-minute information from any location. The teams use data from the estimate all the way through construction management, and right up to the final analysis of completed projects.

“A real key to our success is Sage 100 Contractor because it ties our information together and allows us to access it any time.”

George Minardos, President and Founder

Stay Mobile and Connected

Minardos finds himself on multiple computers throughout any given day. Whether at home, in the office, or at a job site, Sage 100 Contractor is front and center with its remote data access capabilities. “I want to have the insight to key information, whenever and wherever, without being tied to my desk,” says Minardos. Real-time access to information helps Minardos’ team stay connected with one another, as well as with the customer’s needs and desires.

The Integration Provides Accurate Data

In construction, having accurate financial information at your fingertips is essential. And, as with most businesses, the old adage “time is money,” rings true. But in construction, running one day behind schedule can cost several thousand dollars in equipment rental fees and lost man-hours.

Minardos notes that the drill-down power of Sage 100 Contractor keeps him one step ahead of potential issues. “It all boils down to one thing: confidence in your data,” says Minardos. “Just because you’re running millions of dollars through your books doesn’t mean you’re profitable. How do you know you’re profitable unless your systems are integrated and you’re able to analyze projects? Sage 100 Contractor lets you accomplish that analysis by project or for your company as a whole. Plus, the ability to track open issues – RFI, changes, and submittals – makes the product worth every penny.”

The Minardos Group has grown revenues from 2 million dollars per year using QuickBooks to nearly 15 million dollars a year with Sage 100 Contractor at the helm. Today, Minardos describes the firm as a full-service construction company with five main entities: Consulting and Pre-Construction, Building, Design, Estate Care, and Development. And, looking ahead, Minardos says he’s excited about the company’s potential to take advantage of new business opportunities in the Los Angeles area and beyond.