• 3 Reasons to Automate Your Accounts Payable

    BY MARISSA ANDERSON Whether you realize it or not, accounts payable is playing a large role in your company. It may seem obvious that AP directly affects your business financially, but the value it has towards your cash flow management, security against fraud, and even vendor relationships [...]

  • 3 Reasons to Switch From Excel to Sage Estimating

    BY MARISSA ANDERSON When it comes to estimating, Excel tends to be a company’s first flinch--it’s comfortable, powerful, and employees rarely need training for it. While this may be true, Excel is often the source of many headaches and unnecessary office hours due to costly mistakes. A [...]

  • Construction Management Lessons From a Helicopter Pilot

    BY TROY GUEVARA About 12 years ago I noticed a tow truck dropping off my neighbor’s car in his driveway. I went and asked my friend if he needed help and he laughed and said, no I need a new engine. To his dismay, his daughter had driven the car beyond the point of overheating and subsequently[...]

  • There’s Cloud and There’s True Cloud

    BY BOB SHAWGO When a company chooses a cloud service, they have certain expectations. First off, most companies plan to enjoy the cost savings in IT—not having to maintain a powerful, scalable server with guaranteed up time. Rather than paying for room to grow, they anticipate that the [...]