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Case Studies

FL Star Group

“The workflows are amazing. Now, it’s easy to add new users and switch people in and out of the process. Everyone can see what they need to do to keep the invoices moving.”

Doron Contracting 

Managing the status of each invoice was challenging for Doron Contracting, requiring multiple phone calls to track every step of the payment process. AvidXchange’s supplier portal helps Doron Contracting save time and more easily reconcile invoices.

Quicksilver Express Courier

[General Business] Delivery firm boosts profitability with breakthrough insights and efficiencies, also gained new ability to scale and expand locations.

AutoClaims Direct

[Insurance] Flexible invoicing workflows let AutoClaims Direct, Inc. prepare and schedule bulk invoices that meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Airo Mechanical

Improvement in the accuracy of estimations leads to higher success rate of construction projects.

Douglaston Development

“Since adopting TimberScan and AvidPay, our AP departments cut their payment processing cost by almost 70%. This huge time and cost saver was exactly what we needed – we wish would’ve done it a long time ago.”

Aegis Project Controls

Construction consulting firm boosts budget reporting frequency 3x and gains incisive business insights.

Sorrells & Co

“We can now keep track of invoices and move them through much quicker, even leaving town and handling approvals from our laptops. No matter where I am, I have access to our data and can easily look to see what we’ve paid, when, and why.”

Alder Partners

[Franchise] Our last three gyms ramped up and were profitable within three to six months, and the bank will loan us the money we need to get more locations open faster.

Laird Management

[Franchise] Time savings Laird Management gained with Sage Intacct elevated the finance and accounting function to reinvest for business value.