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Case Studies

Sorrells & Co

“We can now keep track of invoices and move them through much quicker, even leaving town and handling approvals from our laptops. No matter where I am, I have access to our data and can easily look to see what we’ve paid, when, and why.”

Alder Partners

[Franchise] Our last three gyms ramped up and were profitable within three to six months, and the bank will loan us the money we need to get more locations open faster.

Laird Management

[Franchise] Time savings Laird Management gained with Sage Intacct elevated the finance and accounting function to reinvest for business value.

European Paving Designs

[Professional Services] European Paving Designs Inc. has grown revenues by over 400% in five years without increasing finance team overhead.


[Hospitality] Global hospitality firm nets $800,000 worth of time savings, easily manages financials across 50 properties.


[Hospitality] By automating several key processes, Tetherow’s finance team saves 60 hours each month.

Raleigh Enterprises

[Hospitality] Iconic film studio and real estate business increased efficiency by 25%.

Civil Constructors

Civil Constructors embraces new hiring and onboarding process for low-tech and bilingual hires.