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  • Private Equity Firm Scale Their Multi-Entity Business

    Diverse Business Gains Flexible Financial Management System MidCap Credit & Capital is a boutique private equity company with six product lines, including real estate investments, small business lending, and traditional equity financing. With dozens of legal entities across the United States, the organization maintains separate general ledgers (GLs) to support each subsidiary’s distinct partnerships and operating models. Given these complexities, MidCap previously struggled to[...]

    Disciplined Profit Analysis Helps Growing Dental Practice Navigate Market Fluctuations

    Untangling Complexity by Moving Financials to the Cloud Village Family Dental is a multispecialty dental practice in North Carolina. It offers a variety of general and pediatric dental services as well as specialized services like oral surgeries and administering sedation for patients. Since starting out as a single small office in 1985, the healthcare provider has expanded to 11 locations and three ambulatory surgery centers. In order to better manage the many financial workflows [...]

    ACUI Cultivates Business-Minded Accountability

    The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) is a nonprofit educational organization that supports thousands of campus community builders at over 500 schools around the world. The association enriches student unions through education, advocacy, and services. In recent years, many nonprofits like ACUI have been increasing the business rigor across their operations by more proactively addressing programs that fail to hit sales goals or other KPIs. To promote this mindset, the [...]

    Acquia - Smart Financial Decisions Maintain Technology Market Leadership

    Challenges: Preparing for ASC 606 Compliance in the Midst of International Expansion Acquia, the leading provider of cloud-based, digital experience management solutions, has raised $173 million and grown its employee base by 10X over the past decade. As the business expanded internationally, its manual financial processes – such as tracking orders, billing, and reporting out of QuickBooks and Excel – became increasingly cumbersome and error-prone. After adopting the Sage Intacct [...]

    HVAC Provider Increases Finance Productivity with Sage Intacct Financial Management

    Challenges: Moving to a Modern Technology Platform to Support Continued Growth Woodfin Heating Inc. is a family-owned company headquartered in Richmond, VA. Founded in 1977, the company started as a fuel oil delivery operation and has grown throughout the years to include other home services, convenience stores, and mechanical contractors. After adopting Cargas Energy software to support its rapidly growing home services, Woodfin wanted to further modernize its technology stack with a [...]

    GeoTechnologies Inc Seeks a Solid Foundation for Finance

    Challenges: Engineering Firm Seeks a Solid Foundation for Finance For more than 25 years, GeoTechnologies Inc. has provided geotechnical engineering, site assessment, subsurface investigation, and other critical services for large-scale construction projects. As its business matured, the North Carolina-based firm needed to strengthen its financial management foundation to help managers better analyze revenue and profitability in real-time. Those project-based reporting capabilities [...]

    Monstercat - Canadian Music Label Turns to Sage Intacct for New Insights to Fuel Growth

    Challenges: In Search of Flexible, Cloud-Based Financial Reporting With a mission to empower creatives, Monstercat is an independent music record label based in Vancouver, Canada. Following the music industry’s dramatic changes during the first part of this century, in 2011, the company’s founders turned their passion for electronic dance music and their knack for monetizing it via YouTube into a fresh community-based approach to promotion and distribution. A few years ago, Rob [...]

    Anchor Loans - Turns to Sage Intacct to Help Manage 576% Revenue Growth

    Challenges: Anchor Loans Solves Its ‘Nightmare’ of Manual Consolidations Anchor Loans is one of the largest “fix-and-flip” and new construction lenders in the U.S., providing real estate developers with financing to renovate or build residential and commercial properties. Boosted by a large private equity investment in 2015, the firm in 2016 became the first private fix-and-flip lender to fund more than $1 billion in loans in a single year. It has since led the industry with [...]

    Halstatt, LLC - Family Office Investment Firm Streamlines Finance Processes and Saves $100,000 a Year

    Challenges: Halstatt Nets Huge Gains in Productivity and Insights Halstatt, a family-owned investment firm that specializes in real estate, private equity, venture capital, and other initiatives, has a 110-year history of delivering value and payback for its investors and partners. As the Naples, Florida-based company grew and diversified its investments, its legacy Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system and processes became a bottleneck that hindered efficiency and lacked real-time [...]

    Archdiocese of Detroit Transitioning from Maintenance to Mission through Back Office Efficiency

    Challenges: Transitioning from Maintenance to Mission through Back Office Efficiency The Archdiocese of Detroit is responsible for the Catholic ministry across over 200 parishes in southeast Michigan. Most of its revenue is generated via assessment income from independent parishes, donations, and appeal campaigns. As a nonprofit, the Archdiocese needs to track each of these sources and related transactions as separate restricted and unrestricted funds based on donor intent. However, [...]