• With multiple job sites and a small HR team, Canyon State needed to find a solution that would allow the company to hire, manage and grow their workforce efficiently.  But with outdated processes, they struggled with hiring and retention as well as managing benefits and other critical processes.

    When seeking out potential solutions Canyon State was determined to find a solution that would:

    • Quickly hire qualified candidates to meet growing demand
    • Get new hires on the job faster
    • Eliminate time-consuming paper processes
    • Improve employee retention

    To accomplish their goals, Canyon State implemented Arcoro’s Applicant Tracking (ATS), Onboarding and Learning Management modules as well as Arcoro’s time tracking solution, ExakTime.

    ATS Helps Attract the Right Candidates

    Before Arcoro, hiring and onboarding were challenging. Paper applications were sometimes misplaced or hard to read, taking valuable time from other critical HR processes. Once implemented and connected to the company’s website and Indeed, Arcoro’s ATS helped automate job postings and candidate communication while the cloud-based portal allowed managers to see the information at a glance. Now their recruiter spends less time on recruiting while also sourcing better candidates and getting that information to managers in a timely manner.

    Onboarding Software Gets Workers on the Job Fast

    Prior to Arcoro, the HR team struggled to onboard new hires. Getting information to and from new hires and inputting it into their system took a lot of time and energy. With Arcoro’s solution, information gathered in the Applicant Tracking System flowed directly into the Onboarding module, simplifying the process of completing required documents and better ensuring their accuracy. In addition, the candidates themselves enter and upload all information, so there are fewer data errors .

    ExakTime Reins in Payroll Costs

    Before Canyon State implemented Arcoro’s ExakTime Time and Attendance solution, tracking time was a laborious process that could take up to two days to complete. However, once ExakTime was implemented and paired with the accounting system, the process turned into a 30-minute task at most. “ExakTime has helped us greatly in how we do our payroll,” Chris Reyes, Director of Special Systems remarked. “We went from a tedious manual process to something that is easy to review in only a couple of mouse clicks.”

    A Robust LMS Helps Boost Retention

    Automation has the potential to help several aspects of a business, including boosting employee productivity and engagement. Previously on the backburner due to lack of time, Arcoro’s cloud-based Learning Management System allowed Canyon State to conduct, track and report on any of the training that new employees need to be successful.

    Arcoro’s HR solutions simplified several key processes and gave back time to focus on things that mattered – especially during a global pandemic. “I know that the number one highlight of 2021 for the HR Director was the Arcoro platform,” Reyes said. “The ATS and Onboarding Modules helped her team do their job that had become very stressful job due to the pandemic. There were many things she had to work on, and I know that having a streamlined process definitely helped to know that those things were handled and that she could take on the many things that came at her during the pandemic.” 

    The company: Canyon State Electric Co., Inc. is a leading provider of commercial electric contracting services throughout the Phoenix Metro area, Arizona, and California. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company has more than 200 full-time employees working throughout the state on multiple projects. Canyon State Electric specializes in energy-saving programs, design-build custom electrical projects, commercial and industrial electric services, tenant improvement, and many other aspects of electrical construction.

    Arcoro Modules Used:

    • Applicant Tracking (ATS)
    • Onboarding
    • Learning Management (LMS)
    • ExakTime Time and Attendance