• Assignar Success Story: SPR Traffic Services

    Staying safety-focused with a cumbersome scheduling process

    The mainstay of searching for a solution was our antiquated scheduling process. Believe it or not, it involved just a book and a cell phone. Our scheduler would analyze our workforce and equipment needs, and start calling and texting crews to see if they were available. Relaying information through this process involved a lot of back and forth, and worked alright for a smaller team. As we experienced growth and hit 30 team members, the manual process became too challenging and time-consuming.

    We realized we needed a better solution, but most of the platforms we found had limited functionality. There wasn’t anything else out there that could manage our scheduling piece while also prioritizing safety like Assignar.

    “We are constantly being audited to maintain our WorkSafeBC certification. Assignar is the only solution that could help us with scheduling while simultaneously catering to our safety and compliance needs.”

    Simplifying communication and reducing administrative time

    Assignar tackled our scheduling challenges easily and brought an array of added benefits on top of that. We have managed to cut down tons of time each day on scheduling alone.

    “On average, we have cut down the time spent on scheduling by 67%, to just 30 minutes a day. That’s huge.”

    All of our team members work heavily with our scheduling piece, and they love it. We have information rolling to everyone from a single source and they can access it through their app.

    On top of that, we have managed to reduce our costs in several aspects of our business. Looking at Accounts Payable alone, we are saving about 3 hours per week, which amounts to nearly a full working month per year!

    A year after implementation

    A year after implementing Assignar, we have seen that it has had a massive impact on our operations. It has served as a great solution for a hindering problem. As our team size increased, our operational processes were becoming more challenging and inhibiting our growth. The platform brings so much value to our team and really sits at the core of a lot of the things we do.

    “Assignar has freed us from so many operational struggles. I don’t know if our team would be where we are without it.”

    Our Customer Success Manager always responds to us within the hour! She continues to work with us on leveraging new features and maximizing our return on a regular basis.

    “I would recommend Assignar to any company that is looking for a well-rounded system that will help you to coordinate resources efficiently. It’s a fantastic platform.”

    Company: SPR Traffic Services LP (SPR) is a full-service traffic management provider based in Victoria, British Columbia serving Vancouver Island highways, freeways, municipal roads, as well as remote site construction areas. SPR specializes in flagging, high-speed lane closures, signage installation, hourly labor, and traffic management planning. The company is also the preferred service provider to the Trans-Canada Highway (Malahat Corridor) for emergency response.

    Results with Assignar: SPR Traffic Services runs multiple projects simultaneously and manages over 30 pieces of equipment with only four people in the office. Their team has earned the WorkSafeBC certification by setting the highest standards in safety and compliance in their company. The certificate puts them ahead of the competition, proving lower liability concerns.